Best Watch Brands Under 500 Reviews in 2021

Are you looking for best watch brands under 500? A luxury watch is not only useful in timekeeping but is also a long-term investment. Acquiring a luxury watch will imply there is an addition in your wardrobe. When you wear a luxury affordable watch brands for men, it will be telling a lot regarding yourself. The best casual watch for men is a great accessory which is serving more than a single purpose. You must be looking for a great best mens watch brands under 500 that is serving more than one meaning.

In this article, there is an extensive review of the best watch brands under 500 in the market. They are luxurious watches that you will purchase at an affordable price. As a result, you need to read through this best watch brands review and make your purchase on the product that pleases you most.


List of Best Watch Brands Under 500

1. Michael Kors Runway Slim Stainless Steel Watch

Michael Kors Men's Slim Runway Black Watch MK8507

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When you hear of Japan, quality hits your mind. Michael Kors has its origin in Japan! In case you need it while in a different country, there is no need to worry as the best casual watch for men is imported. Therefore, you have surety of acquiring this affordable watch brands for men regardless of your country of residence.

Besides, its high quality is guaranteed by the two years granted. In case the best casual watch for men is in the wrong order, you will be free to return. More also, it is resistant to even up to 50m water. It is thus the best alternative most popular mens watches brands to consider buying.

Besides, it is best watch brands under 500 for men wear. As a result, you will use it while having leisure and recreational activities such as swimming. However, ensure you do not use best mens watch brands under 500 while snorkeling or diving to increase its longevity.


  • Offers recreational and leisure activities.
  • Gives durable and high quality service.
  • Shipped into all countries.
  • Resistant to 50mm water
  • Quality services for many years.
Pros Cons
  • Water-resistant
  • High quality
  • Water-resistant
  • Two years’ warranty
  • Quiet big

2. Michael Kors Men’s Lexington Stainless Steel Chronograph Best Watch Brands Under 500

Michael Kors Men's Lexington Gold-Tone Watch MK8286

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The best watch brands which are manufactured in the USA. You may acquire it regardless of where you are all over the world. All you need is making your order, and it will be brought to your location. Besides, the round best mens watch brands under 500 is featuring a black dial with luminous indices and hands.

Additionally, the roman numeral is present at noon with a date window and sub dials. Thus, you have a guarantee of its durability as it is made using a stainless steel case. Also, the affordable watch brands for men plays a central role in offering protection to the product. The quartz movement has an analog display.

Besides, many people love this affordable watch brands for men display as the world is slowly admiring what used to be present many years ago. Additionally, there is a link of gold-tone stainless steel with double push-button and fold-over clasp for safety purposes. In case the best casual watch for men falls in the water, quality men’s watch brands will resist any form of water with 100mm or less. It is thus the best nice watch for young man to use for snorkeling and swimming and not for scuba diving purposes.


  • Features luminous black dial.
  • Roman and stainless steel numeral.
  • Gives maximum protection to the product.
  • Men display affordable.
  • Stainless steel gold-tone with push-button.
Pros Cons
  • Affordable
  • Light in weight
  • Beautiful
  • Durable
  • Quite expensive

3. Vincero Men’s Luxury Kairos, Japanese Quartz Analog

 Vincero Luxury Men’s Kairos Wrist Watch — Blue dial with Brown...

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Are you looking for a watch resistant watch? Welcome to the most water-resistant watch in the market. Furthermore, it is a luxury nice watch for young man that is protected with a glass of coated mineral crystal. Thus, you have a guarantee that it is scrape and scratch-resistant. It is a 22 inches’ Italian band leather product.

Additionally, most popular mens watches brands are of premium nature. Again, they are cut using Italian calf genuine leather. Therefore, you have surety that it will last for a long time. The 22 mm wide area allows interchanging by the easy release on the back button.

Furthermore, the surgical grade has stainless steel. Besides, nice watch for young man casing has been constructed using 316L stainless steel of surgical grade. So, it has 43mm diameter is allowing it to be worn both for formal and casual settings.


  • Diameter has 43mm thus great for causal and formal wear.
  • Surgical stainless steel grade.
  • Wide 22 mm interchangeable release.
  • Calf genuine Italian long term leather.
  • Coated with mineral and glass crystals.
Pros Cons
  • Water-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Durable
  • Cheap
  • Stains long sleeve clothes

4. Fossil Stainless Steel Men’s Grant and Chronograph Leather Quartz Watch

Vincero Men’s Kairos Luxury Watch 42mm Quartz Movement Black/Gold

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When leaving for office, you ought to look stylish and elegant. If you have to achieve that, you have no option rather than purchasing this best casual watch for men. In fact, it has a case size of 22mm and analog luminous 3- hand display.

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It is imported, and thus you have surety of acquiring it near you when you make an order. Another thing, it’s demand is as a result of its stainless round case with roman numerals and white dial. Therefore, you have a guarantee that best mens watch brands under 500 will rhyme well with whichever suit or dress that you consider wearing.

Additionally, the multifunction best casual watch for men is bearing a nice watch for young man functionality. Agin, the three separate dials play a significant role in the tracking of hours, minutes and seconds. As a result, your work is easy as all you need is pulling the crown to set time as you wish.


  • Multi-functional with three varying separate dials.
  • Three separate reliable dials.
  • Matches wit all clothes,.
  • Roman and round stainless product.
  • Luminous 3 and analog 22mm hand display.
Pros Cons
  • Water-resistant
  • Flexible
  • Has high quality
  • Allows easy reading of time
  • Its rose gold tarnishes with time

5. Michael Kors Stainless Steel Bradshaw 43MM Chronograph

Michael Kors Women's Bradshaw Gold-Tone Watch MK5739

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Are you looking for quality men’s watch brands with the origin in the USA? If yes, here is the best watch for you. Agin, the USA is known worldwide for the manufacture of high quality and best watch brands under 500. Generally, the watch has a gold-tone bracelet which is featuring bold black dial and roman numeral markers. Besides, it has three sub-dials and a date 6 o’clock window.

More also, the stainless steel affordable watch brands for men case has a 43-mm bearing mineral dial window. Analog display watches are in high demand, and this product has taken care of that. Another thing, steel stainless bracelet has push-button and fold-over clasp guaranteeing you of safety. From time to time, you are likely to spill water to your best mens watch brands under 500. Therefore, you need to buy a watch that is resistant to water.

AGenerally, a water-resistant and affordable watch brands for men assures you that the nice watch for young man will last for an extended period. Therefore, this watch is capable of resisting to even 100m of water. As a result, it is suitable for snorkeling and swimming. However, do not use it for scuba diving purposes.


  • Help in swimming and snorkeling.
  • Durable and resists 100m water.
  • Resistant to spilled water.
  • Black dials and gold-tone sub-dials.
  • Durable and quality watches.
Pros Cons
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Has a beautiful gold color
  • Good quality
  • A bit heavy

6. Original Stuhrling Men’s Automatic Skeleton , Black Leather, Silver Executive Watch Selection

Stuhrling Original Mens Skeleton Automatic Dress Watch for Men with...

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Are you looking for the all-purpose nice watch for young man? Here is an ideal watch that you can wear daily regardless of what you wear. Its black leather makes it match with all clothes. The skeletonized dial is unfolding layers of styles using the engraved stunning scrollwork and moving with 22-jewel movement.

The second-hand eye-catching sub-dial is pairing perfectly by the use of plume-style hands. More also, it is applied individually using the indices of the shark’s teeth. The leather brand is genuinely band. It will thus end up serving you for an extended period. Additionally, it is finished using 22mm alligator and embossed leather strap for unparalleled and comfort swagger.

When you buy this nice watch for young man, you forget about purchasing batteries ultimately. It bears a self-winding automatic mechanic movement. The movement is utilizing the natural changes to help in keeping the nice watch for young man running whenever you are wearing it.


  • Makes use of all natural changes.
  • Automatic and mechanic self-winding movement.
  •  22mm embossed and alligator strap.
  • Genuinely band leathers brand.
  • Engraved to support different layers.
Pros Cons
  • Quite cheap
  • Durable
  • Runs with the absence of battery
  • Has high quality
  • Quite challenging to read tie for older people

7. NIXON 29mm – 24mm Regulus Silicone/Rubber/PU 32mm Band Face Best Watch Brands Under 500

NIXON Regulus A1180 - All Black - 100m Water Resistant Men's Digital...

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Congratulations! Here are the best all-black best watch brands to serve you appropriately. Therefore, you do not have worry that there is a time in which your watch dirt will be visible. Consequently, you will always be comfortable while wearing this best alternative watch brands on the public.

More also, it is unique as it is water-resisting nature. It is among the few nice watch for young man with the capability of resisting water of more than 100m. The best mens watch brands under 500 battery has a long life. When you purchase this watch, you have surety it will serve you for five years before replacing the battery. It is thus economical.

Additionally, the Best Apple Watch Bands has an undercover which is providing its maximum security. You, therefore, have surety of safety and comfort on each of the top of the cover.


  • Offers maximum security.
  • Battery serves well for many years.
  • Resists a maximum of 100m water.
  • Alternative and comfortable watch brands.
  • Black in color.
Pros Cons
  • Easy to use
  • Water-resistant
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to read
  • Dim display

8. NIXON Teller Leather Medium Time A1172 – Cheetah/Black/Rose Gold 100M Water Resistant Watch

NIXON Medium Time Teller Leather A1172 - Rose Gold/Black/Cheetah -...

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Having a small, lightweight phone is everyone’s desire. Therefore, do not let this chance of purchasing this high-quality watch fade away. When you buy this most popular mens watches brands for men, it will please you to the extent that you will value it just as you evaluate your items. The main reason why people love it is its all-time nature.

The watch has remained versatile and unpretentious since when it was made. Besides, it will end up running for many years to come. If you wish to personalize on your style, here is the best deal for you. Its canvas and leather band are keeping it classic and fresh with its sliding buckle and style bracelet.

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Furthermore, the best casual watch for men is ideal for adventure purposes. It has been constructed to help in taking care of it while you are in playing environments. Ensure you buy this reliable and durable phone today.


  • Constructed to allow use in different environments.
  • Fresh and classic leather and canvas band.
  • Support style personalization.
  • Supports items evaluation.
  • Lightweight and small product.
Pros Cons
  • All-time phone
  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Hard to figure clasp for new users

9. German Titanium Military Automatic, Sapphire Crystal, 200M Water Resistant, GPW DATE

GPW German Military Titanium Automatic Watch Date. 200M W/R. Sapphire...

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Yes! Here is the lightweight watch that you have been searching for. German watch is weighing only 57GR. However, its services are of high quality. It is thus the best watch for use while performing various tasks. When you hear of Germany, it is sure that quality comes into your mind. The same case applies to this watch.

The guarantee of its high quality is affordable watch brands for men two years’ warranty. Just imagine! Two years to return best mens watch brands under 500 if it is out of class. What else could stop you from buying this watch? For sure, there is nothing. You need to make purchases on this watch as it is performing in absentia of battery. Arms movement is enough to keep the watch working appropriately.

Its sapphire crystal is extra strong with an anti-reflection coating which is harder compared to mineral crystals. Scratching of best watch brands are thus next to impossible. Make your order today and get a feel on these services.


  • Extra strong and crystal sapphire.
  • Works well in battery absentia.
  • Arms movement helps check time easily.
  • Known to have high quality.
  • Weighs 57GR and thus performs well.
Pros Cons
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Water resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • The bezel is too stiff

10. Stuhrling Mens Original Leather Quick-Set Day, Aviation , Men Leather band Steel Rivets Collection Watch

Stuhrling Original Mens Leather Watch -Aviation Watch, Quick-Set...

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An impressive top watch brands for men. Its demand is as a result of is its remarkable and functional factors. Stuhrling is an eye-catching product with an edgy style. It is thus highly classic for use for office. Besides, it bears a genuine leather band.

The comfortable, stylish and supple leather band has rivets with stainless steel. As a result, when you buy this product, you have a guarantee that it will serve you for an extended period. The dials are easy to dial. The luminous markers, numbers and hands are allowing you to determine time even while in the dark.

Additionally, its date function is unique as it is giving both the day in a week and the day in a month. More also, its warranty is highly comprehensive. It is, therefore, the most ideal best alternative nice watch for young man. All the Stuhrling timepieces are including two-year international full warranty. With this warranty, you have surety of 100% customer satisfaction.


  • Two-year Stuhrling timepieces warranty.
  • Comprehensive to support all time use.
  • Unique date function.
  • Stylish, supple and comfortable.
  • Edge style and eye-catching Stuhrling.
Pros Cons
  • Glow in dark
  • Durable leather
  • High quality
  • Easy to read
  • Leather band degrades quickly

Guide on Best Watch Brands

Your Budget

There is a high need for determining the amount of money to wish to spend on best watch brands. There are a variety of luxury watch brands you may choose from. The different brands of watches vary in prices. There is a need for acquiring something which is fitting your preference and brands budget. Many brands will be carrying a range of watches from various price points.

Retention Value

While thinking of luxury or designer brand to purchase, there are two main things worth considering. One of the main things to consider is the brand history. In this case, there is the necessity of looking at the present retail value. Secondly, look on whether the brand is likely to increase in its value in future.

Wrist Fit

Similar to garmin fenix 5 reviews, watches fitting nicely on the wrist are a crucial factor in the overall style and look. In case you have a bigger build, you need to purchase a luxury watch with attractive and with big dial. A small watch will be looking dainty and casual for use for daily wear. For women bearing small wrist, the best watch option is one with 32mm.

Power Reserve

The primary heart on luxury best watch brands is the power reserve that is driving them. Without the power reserve, the watch is likely to stop displaying the time. The power reserve is determining the energy stored in the mainspring of the luxury watch. After the quality men’s watch brands run, the spring will unwind the power ends, resulting in stoppage of the best casual watch for men.


Purchasing of luxury and best watch brands under 500 is a personal decision which you will make yourself. There is a need for thinking on your budget and requirements while buying a perfect luxury watch. You need to consider buying one of the listed best casual watch for men. Besides, there is a need for having a look at the discussed guide before making an order. You need to determine the ideal quality of men’s watch brands for you and click to make your order on amazon.

The best recommended watch brand in the market is Michael Kors Runway Slim Stainless Steel Watch. They are resistant to even up to 50m water and is thus the best alternative most popular mens watches brands to consider buying.

You can find the best cheap watches under 50 under this article.