Best Cheap Watches Under 50 Reviews

The main items that bring a difference in people are shoes and cheap sport watches for men. Best cheap watches under 20 come in various variations, and thus you will surely get waterproof sport watches that matches your tastes and preferences. While buying a match of best cheap sport watches under 50, the main things to consider are the material, watch appearance, compass, and strap. Fossils are known for making the best cheap watches, which are ideal for sports, casual wear, and exercises. Some best cheap watches under 50 have been elegantly designed and thus are best in use in formal functions.

In this review, you will look at the most durable, best cheap watches under 50 in the market. The watches are shockproof, heat resistant, and water-resistant. They are thus ideal for use in various activities, including sports and swimming. Therefore, read through this review and determine the best mens watches under 50 that best suits to your needs and necessities.


List of Best Cheap Watches Under 50

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1. Men’s Military Outdoor Sports Tactical Wristwatch Analog Watches

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Here are military cool best cheap watches under 20 which are coming with a cool design. Since the watch has analog and digital two times zones, it allows for easy reading of time. Digital readout is unique as it is partially dark.

When you buy this best cheap watches under 50, you will solve the problem of removing watch while on some occasions, as this watch is shockproof. This watch allows you to have a variety of items under one location as it has a calendar, LED backlight, alarm, and stopwatch.

It is time you consider investing in a watch that is comfortable and durable for one to wear. The cheap sport watches for men band is soft and comfortable, allowing one to relax while working and performing daily chores. Scratch-resistant glass and ABS bodies are sturdy to help in the excellent performance of sports activities.


  • ABS body is scratch-resistant.
  • Comfortable and soft band.
  • Keeps different items together.
  • Digital and unique readout.
  • Gives an easy time in reading.
Pros Cons
  • Waterproof watch
  • Comfortable and durable for daily wear
  • Comes with scratch resistance glass
  • Multifunction watch
  • Small digital readout

2. Men’s 50M Analog Digital LED Outdoors and Waterproof Sport Watch.

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Are you in a look for military, best cheap watches under 50? An army watch can support both analog and digital displays. Besides, it is providing two varying time zones to help in easy reading and setup.

Additionally, it comes with a design of stylish sports dial, military-style, elegant personality, waterproof performance, and Japanese batteries. Since the waterproof sport watches are made using quality materials, the PU and soft rubber make it easier for one to wear it.

Furthermore, the mineral glass and plastic casing are durable and with high pressure to allow use in varying environments. When you buy this watch, you will quickly engage in different environments such as swimming, sweat, bathing, and washing of hands.


  • Engages in variety of environments.
  • Made of plastic and mineral items.
  • Consist of PU and leather materials.
  • Military-style and stylish design
  • Works in two different zones.
Pros Cons
  • Multifunction watch
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Waterproof
  • Hands block digital display

3. Letsfit Fitness Tracker Digital Watch

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With current changes in digital life, it is time you ensure you are overtaking your different expectations. Here is a digital watch with 1.3 inches large and touch screen. The screen allows an understanding of one’s health by merely displaying a person’s data for easy understanding.

If you have the Letsfit Smartwatch, you will be avoiding all forms of troubles in the course of swimming. A time has come for you to monitor and protect your health using this Fitness tracker digital watch.

The best cheap sport watches will assist you in the control of music and also in stress training. More also, the watch is functional and affordable. Like, different traditional health trackers, Smart Letsfit tracker can monitor one step, status in sleep quality, sports mileage, and the burned calories.


  • Help in one step monitor.
  • Support control of music.
  • Affordable and functional device.
  • Waterproof to allow usage while swimming.
  • Takes care of one’s health.
Pros Cons
  • Functional and affordable
  • Monitors and protects one health
  • Allows message and call notifications
  • Durable
  • Confusing VeryFitPro app as a result of translation issues

4. Analog Waterproof Digital Best Cheap Watches under 50

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The sports best cheap watches under 20 are multifunctional one. Here is a watch that features a 12/24 format, calendar, alarm clock, hourly chime, the split function of 1/100 Chronograph. The best cheap watches under 20 time display is dual and thus has the capacity of being used in two time zones.

The soft PU band and transparency resin glass of best cheap watches under 50 allow for comfort while one is wearing the mens sport watches waterproof. This watch’s durability is a guarantee while using the watch in water with water-resistance of 164Ft to even 50M.

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Always ensure you are not pressing any of the cheap sport watches for men buttons while underwater to avoid the weakening of the buttons. In cases when you have a waterproof ring which is damaged, you need to ensure you are always keeping it away from hot water and steam.


  • Waterproof and thus lasts long.
  • Transparent and soft PU.
  • Lightweight to prevent fatigue.
  • Dual and quality time display.
  • Comes in unique chronograph.
Pros Cons
  • Waterproof watch
  • Multifunctional watch
  • Practical and stylish design
  • Affordable watch
  • Light is a bit dull

5. SHENGKE Leather Band Women Watches

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Are you looking for waterproof sport cheap sport watches for men that are affordable and stylish? A watch that is fashionable and cute will assist you in adding elegance to the different accessories. Besides, here are best cheap watches under 20 with a capacity of matching with a variety of occasions and outfits.

Since the best mens watches under 50 are coming with 1.5 inches’ diameter, it is lightweight and will not feel sweaty or cumbersome. More also, the lines are clear to allow for easier reading. Silver line dial and rose gold dial allows easy reading while quartz will ensure time is displayed correctly.

Hole buckle designer allows natural putting both on and off and provides a comfortable wearing experience. If you are stuck on the best gift to offer to your girlfriend, here is the ideal present.


  • Natural hole buckle.
  • Simple and clear lines.
  • Rose gold and silver line device.
  •  1.5 inches lightweight diameter.
  • Elegant and fashionable product.
Pros Cons
  • A slim leather band is comfortable
  • Sleek and waterproof
  • Clear lines for easy reading
  • Affordable and stylish
  • Average quality strap

6. PALADA Digital Men’s Sports Watch

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While buying a watch, it is best to buy the best digital watch. The PALADA best cheap watches under 20 is a sporty and fashionable watch coming with a military-style and dial design outlook. The big numbers will be displayed with both large and light dial.

Besides, it will show the time even while one is in the dark. By use of the “LIGHT” button, you will be checking on time clearly even while in light and thus allowing for easy reading. The sports best cheap watches under 50 are best in use by men, particularly the ones in multi-functions and sports.

As a result, the best classic watches are perfect for use for indoor and outdoor sports such as fishing, climbing and running. Since this watch is water resistant, it is ideal for use in a cold shower and the course of swimming.


  • Water-resistant product.
  • Great for outdoor and indoor use.
  • Simple to check light button.
  • Comes in big numbers.
  • Fashionable and sporty outlook.
Pros Cons
  • High-quality watch
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes with the fashionable dial design
  • Suitable for sportsmen
  • Not resistant to water with high pressure

7. MJSCPHBJK Sports Men’s Digital Best Cheap Watches under 50

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Buying mens sport watches waterproof calls for one to determine if the watch is water resistant, shock resistant, and multi-functional. Here is a perfect watch that is best for use in sports activities. It comes with a large face to allow for easy reading and display of time.

It is best for use while one is fishing, hiking, swimming, and running. Besides, you may use the watch in all the other various indoor and outdoor activities. Furthermore, the best cheap watches under 20 are waterproof as they comes with stylish minimalism, which is 164Ft to even 50M water-resistant with a unique and straightforward dial.

Since the watch is durable, it will assist you in getting many years of comfort. The cheap sport watches for men PU band is imported using stainless steel case. As a result, these waterproof sport watches are coming with great value, which you would not love missing.


  • Imported and soft bands.
  • Stylish and waterproof minimalism.
  • Used both outdoors and indoors.
  • Easy display and read.
  • Shock-resistant and multi-functional.
Pros Cons
  • Highly durable
  • Gives adequate comfort
  • Perfect for use in all sports
  • Multi-functional
  • None

8. Armitron 40/8284 Sport Men’s Chronograph Digital Watch

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The best sports watch is one with red contrasts, multiple displays, and a textured band. With this watch, you guarantee to have quartz movement as a result of the digital display. Crystal and acrylic dial window is protective and thus plays a significant role in adding to a watch’s life.

Furthermore, the Best Apple Watch Bands features chronograph using backlight functions, military time dual time, alarm time, and lap time. Besides, the sub-dials of best cheap watches under 50 are including buckle closure, seconds, time, date, and day.

For one to protect the life of these best mens watches under 50, it is best to ensure you are using it in up to 330 feet water resistant water. Therefore, it is a watch which is best in use in swimming and snorkeling. However, never use this watch while engaging in diving.

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  • Waterproof to allow use while swimming.
  • Buckle closure and sub-dials.
  • Backlight chronograph functions.
  • Acrylic and crystal protective dial.
  • Digital and anaolog display.
Pros Cons
  • Water-resistant
  • Provides great protection
  • Easy for one to set time
  • Great backlight
  • Compass looks cheap

9. Men’s Digital Watch Large Sports Waterproof Wrist Watches

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Many people love using best cheap watches under 20, which is coming with sporty and fashionable dial design. gain, when you buy this watch, you will comfortably check the time while in the dark without straining.

Besides, the best watch brands under 500 screen is wide to allow a simple display of time and, consequently, allows for easy reading of time. Besides, this men’s watch is appealing to men, particularly the ones who love engaging in sports activities.

Additionally, the best cheap sport watches backlight LED functions will ensure this watch is a perfect choice and thus great for different sports and daily use. Additionally, timehas come for you to invest in these waterproof sport watches as it is multifunction with backlight, stopwatch, shock resistant, LED display, water resistant, alarm, and auto date.


  • Shock resistant and multi-functional.
  • Perfect for variety of games.
  • Simple and wide screen.
  • Fashionable and sporty.
  • Resists all amount of water.
Pros Cons
  • Waterproof
  • Multifunction watch
  • Digital watch
  • Durable
  • Fails to resist water and breaks with time

10. Armitron Women’s 45/7086 Digital Sport Best Cheap Watches under 50

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While buying waterproof sport watches, it is best to purchase a navy blue 3.7mm case with lime green and teal accents. Additionally, LCD is coming with seconds, time, date, and day. Besides, mens sport watches waterproof functions include a chronograph of backlight military time, dual time, lap time, and alarm.

More also, the resin strap of best cheap watches under 50 are durable since it is made of made using a stainless steel buckle closure. Thus, you need to invest in this watch as it can resist even 100-meter water. Generally, this is a watch that is ideal for use in snorkeling and swimming.


  • Good while swimming and snorkeling.
  • Durable resin straps.
  • Backlight time in military and is chronograph.
  • Great for use in darkness.
  • Green case matches will all surroundings.
Pros Cons
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable straps
  • High-quality watch
  • Affordable
  • Resists little amount of water

Guide on Purchase of Best Cheap Watches under 50


Some people love considering the brand of a watch before making a purchase. For a long time, best cheap sport watches have been known as luxury items. Even while one is not an aficionado, you are likely to understand the amount of weight some brands will carry. While looking towards spending a given amount of money on waterproof sport watches, consider if a given brand name is of great need.


The design of a watch is among the main things that one should consider before buying a watch. The best cheap watches under 50 are coming in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Therefore, your preferences will assist you in determining which is the best watch for you. You need to decide whether you love glamorous, elegant, sleek, or even bold. You always need to ensure you end up getting best cheap watches under 20 that will be fitting well with the wardrobe. In case you have a closet full of daring accessories, bold patterns, and bright colors, it is best to buy waterproof sport watches, which is making a statement.


Always determine the services you need in best cheap watches under 50. Similar to materials and design. Various watch functions will be suited to different needs from sports watches, smartwatches, waterproof sport watches, and divers watch. Always determine the plan you need to use and the best tools for one to use. In case you love getting up before sunrise and leave for hiking, it is best to buy a watch with a compass and alarm. In case you are an avid runner, it is best to buy a watch with a pedometer function and heart rate monitor.


Watch movement is of great necessity. Most of the high-quality waterproof sport watches are using quartz movement. Watch movement may either be automatic or mechanical. The two movements will be using coiled spring and different gears to help one in the accurate keeping of time. The various movements have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, there is a need to decide the one which you prefer before making a cheap sport watches for men selection.


Having read through this review, you must have seen that there is a variety of best cheap watches under 50. With the guide, you will comfortably make the right decision in the purchase of a watch. It is time you determine which is the best watch for you and makes your order.