Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e Case Reviews

Galaxy tab S5e Cases are a slim and lightweight, protective samsung galaxy tab s5e case. The galaxy s5 cases review is compatible with different models of Samsung galaxy S5e tablets. Besides, the galaxy tab s5e cover come in various designs and styles to meet the customers’ needs. Therefore, the best buy galaxy tablet cases are known to meet all people requirements and needs.

They flip in different angles for comfortable viewing. Others come with keyboards for those who may need to use their tab as a computer. Also, the galaxy s5 cases review features the top best galaxy tab S5e cases in the market.


List of Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e Case Reviews

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1. Moko Case Fit Samsung Tab S5e

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This Samsung tab case features an ultra-thin style for easy packing in the bag when traveling. Additionally, it has an auto wake and sleep mechanism. Again, the samsung s5e case comes in multiple beautiful styles and colors to choose from. It is also light in weight such that you can hold it while typing or viewing videos.

Additionally, the galaxy tab s5e cover is made of PU leather material that is super strong and protects the tab from shock or cracks if you drop it. Note that this Samsung tab case comes with a lifetime warranty for quality assurance.

Furthermore, lightweight and slim hard back is adding less bulk while at the same time protecting devices. Also, it is made using PU premium leather exterior and interior microfiber. Thus, the cover will end up looking classic while at the same time protecting devices from possibility of getting scratched.


  • Classic and prevents scratches.
  • Slim hard and lightweight back.
  • PU premium interior and exterior leather.
  • Beautiful and multiple colors and styles.
  • Easy pack and ultra-thin mechanism.
Pros Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Slim
  • Easier access of controls and features
  • Compatible
  • Challenging in using fingerprint

2. Yocktec case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

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This is rated as one of the best Samsung best buy galaxy tablet cases for S5E due to its great features and design. Furthermore, the case is super light in weight hence does not add any bulkiness to the tablet. Besides, the ultra-durable PU leather plus the microfiber interior ensures the tab has excellent protection even when dropped accidentally.

Additionally, the best buy galaxy tablet cases also protects the Samsung tab from scratches, dust, and chips. Thus, this samsung galaxy tab s5e case is compatible with the Apple pencil magnetic pair for easy control of the tablet. You can charge the tab while in the case as it has precise cuts on the tab’s port areas.

Note that you can adjust the case from different angles for accurate viewing from various directions. Again, for quality assurance, the Yocktec case comes with 30 days money return guarantee.


  • Adjusts in all angles to give accurate directions.
  • Help in easy charge of tab.
  • Precise tabs cut.
  •  PU leather and ultra-durable plus.
  • Super light to deliver quality services.
Pros Cons
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Adds comfort
  • Quality design
  • Convenient
  • Average quality

3. Infiland Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5 Inch

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If you are looking for a galaxy tab s5e cover for your Samsung S5 e to travel with when going for business meetings, then get this model. Besides, this Samsung tablet galaxy tab s5e cover does not restrict you from viewing the device in different directions.

Furthermore, this is because it features multi-angle stands so you can adjust to different angles for viewing. Thus, the galaxy tablet case features a slim design that does not take much space in the bag when packing.

Additionally, the base has auto shut, wake mode, and sleep settings to choose from depending on how frequent you use your tablet. Again, it also helps to save on charge in the case where you forget to shut off the device. Generally, the samsung s5e case features extra storage spaces where you can keep small items like business cards. Note that this case only fits tablets measuring around 10.5 inches.


  • Extra storage with 10.5 inches.
  • Saves overall amount of power.
  • Wake mode and auto shut base.
  • Multi-angle  simple to adjust stands.
  • Galaxy slim design tablet.
Pros Cons
  • Stable stand
  • Dual stand position
  • Superior leather materials
  • Impact resistant
  • A bit expensive

4. ELTD for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

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This Samsung tab S5e case features a flip close design to cover the tab when not in use. Besides, it has excellent and precise cuts on the necessary ports to allow you to charge it or connect it to the headphones.

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Additionally, this premium Samsung tab S5e case is light in weight for comfort when carrying it around. Besides, the presence of the built-in flip mechanism ensures you can view in different directions.

Furthermore, you will certainly get to love the scientific design of this case in galaxy s5 cases review. Additionally, the cover case consists of stable stand which helps in simpler and stable viewing. Its cut-outs are precise and helps in full access of varying features and controls.


  • Stable and simple case.
  • Precise cut-outs gives a full-access.
  • Scientific design thus improves overall outlook.
  • Premium comfortable and light device
  • Precise and excellent cuts.
Pros Cons
  • Ultra-light
  • Easy to close and open
  • Helps in tailor-making
  • Compatible
  • None

5. RLTech Keyboard Leather for Samsung Galaxy tab S5e 10.5 Inch

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This is another excellent galaxy tab case ideal for tablets measuring 10.5 inches. Something else, the ultra-slim design makes it a perfect case for people who often travel as it does not take much storage space. Besides, the case has a removable keyboard for people who prefer using a qwerty pad when typing on the tablet.

Additionally, the RLTech Samsung tablet case is made of pure leather material and has microfiber material on the interior to ensure the tab is fully protected. Again, this case can tilt to different directions for excellent viewing when writing, watching videos, among other activities.

Furthermore, it is high time you ensure you have an easier access to connections, controls and buttons without necessarily removing the case. In fact, the clear nature plays a major role in accentuating Samsung Galaxy original beauty.


  • Clear and accentuating device.
  • Help in easy access of connection.
  • Excellent tilt and view.
  • Microfiber and pure-leather materials.
  • Removable and qwerty pad device.
Pros Cons
  • Easy access to buttons
  • Clear
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Average quality

6. 2 Pack Samsung Galaxy ab S6 Screen protector, KATIAN HD Clear

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One pack of this best buy galaxy tablet cases comes with two pieces of best iphone xr screen protectors for your tab. Generally, the screen protectors keep your tab’s screen protected from shock, scratches, and chipping in case you drop it. Besides, the samsung galaxy s10 plus screen protector has high touch sensitivity power for smooth operation.

Furthermore, the HD best buy galaxy tablet cases mechanisms ensures the screen retains the original colour and feels when using the tab. Again, it looks the same with a tablet’s screen, and thus, transparency is guaranteed.

Additionally. installing the screen protector on the tab takes little time. It is bubble-free and adheres to the shape of the tab’s screen. Again, note that this screen protector is compatible with both S6 and S5 tablets.


  • Simple to install with energy and effort.
  • Tab’s screen and bubble-free.
  • Tablet’s transparency screen.
  • HD  and original screen protector.
  • Prevents scratches and shocks.
Pros Cons
  • Simple to install
  • Close-friendly
  • Sensitive touch
  • Prevents scratches and breaks
  • Cracks after short time

7. IVSO with Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

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This galaxy tab s5e cover fits in all Samsung tabs S5e measuring 10.5 inches. Beside, it features high quality leather material to safeguard it against shock, cracking, and also breaking. Again, the inner part has a microfiber lining to provide soft protection to the tab.

Additionally, the samsung galaxy tab s5e case comes with a wireless keyboard for comfortable typing when working with the tab. Besides, the case also includes a stand for holding it and a carrying bag. So, you can comfortably charge the tab while in the case as it features the necessary cuts for easy accessing the ports.

Furthermore, the Best Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Cases precise cut-off is offering a full access to different features and ports. Besides, it’s charging time will take a period of 2.5 to even 3 hours while their working time is estimated as being 60 hours of use.


  • Short overall charge time
  • Precise and full-access cut-off.
  • Comfortable thus simple to access.
  • Stands simplifies the travel process.
  • Microfiber soft inner lining.
Pros Cons
  • Functional
  • Precise cut-off
  • Exclusive design
  • Full access to features and ports
  • Charged separately

8. Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Rugged with Kickstand, SM-T510/T515, Poetic Full Body Shockproof Cover, Built-in-Screen Protector, Revolution, for Samsung Galaxy Tab A Tablet 10.1 Inch

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One of the most outstanding features, in this galaxy tab s5e cover, is the rugged, heavy duty amour shock absorber design. Besides, this case fully protects your tab from breaking or chipping even when you drop it to the ground.

Something else, this makes it an ideal samsung s5e case for kids’ tabs. Besides, it comes with a stand so you can get excellent viewing when working with the tab. So, it can be used with all Samsung S5e measuring around 10.1 inches.

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Again, the case has flaps that allow one to access the ports for charging and connecting the headphones. Another thing, you will find the inner part of the case has a basic design to protect the screen from external damages.


  • Inner part has a basic design.
  • Heavy-duty and rugged absorber design.
  • Case helps in phone charge.
  • Excellent view unique tab.
  • Consist of 10.1 inches size.
Pros Cons
  • Built-in kickstand
  • Made of heavy duty materials
  • Built-in protector
  • Compatible
  • Challenging to open

9. Luibor Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

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This galaxy s5 cases review comes with a removable keyboard for those who may need to use the tab as a computer. Besides, the high quality PU leather and microfiber lining material ensure to protect both the internal and external parts of the tab.

Mostly, the product is packed together with a stand for supporting it for efficient viewing. There is a bag for carrying the tab when traveling or going to the office.

Furthermore, the best buy galaxy tablet cases feature a slim design; thus, it does not take much space in your backpack or desk. Again, the precise cuts on the protective case ensure you can comfortably access all the ports on the tab.


  • Protective and precise cuts.
  • Backpack unique slim design.
  • Gives assurance of phone’s security.
  • Help in reliable and efficient view.
  • PU lining materials and high quality view.
Pros Cons
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Offers adequate security
  • Durable
  • Cracks with time

10. AVIDET Galaxy Tab S5e Cases

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This tab protective cover is quite thin and completely adheres to the tab for comfort when operating and carrying. Besides, it is transparent to ensure excellent visibility of the screen. Also, it is only compatible with galaxy S5e tabs.

Besides, the case protector has cuts on the vital areas of the tab like the camera for efficient operation. Hence, you can access all these buttons without necessarily removing the cover. Generally, it safeguards the tab from all external damages, including shocks, dust, and wetness.

Additionally, it is high time you make your order on these galaxy s5 cases review. Besides, while using it, you will have certainty of its quality and durable services at all times. Therefore, ensure you make your order.


  • Prevents external damages.
  • Gives durable and high quality services.
  • Efficient operation reliable protector..
  • Thin thus highly comfortable.
Pros Cons
  • Durable
  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Cracks at times

Guide on Purchase of Galaxy Cases

The procedure involved in buying cases is quite overwhelming. Here is a straightforward and quick guide on the things needed before considering making a purchase.


There is need of determining on the case color that you are looking for. Besides, you may require custom hues that are watercolor or ombre. Thus, there is need of integrating the cases color.

Screen Protection

Always make sure you are protecting the screen from fingerprints and scratching. Again, there are phone cases with ability of protecting the screen. Additionally, you will find there are best buy galaxy tablet cases which come with a lip with capacity of rising beyond the phone edges.


You need to determine in the case which is aligning with you, your company or brand. Also, there is need of determining on if you wish to buy a case with marble or glossy style. There are many designs for you to make your selection from.


There is need for you to know that you will be making your order for a number of reasons. There is time when you will be looking for added protection either at the back or at the front.


These are the top best galaxy tab S5e cases that can project your tablet. They ensure to protect the tab from any external damages as the samsung galaxy tab s5e case are made of high quality and durable material. Note that they come in different sizes; hence, you should check out if the case has the same measurement with your tab before buying it.

The best recommended product in this galaxy s5 cases review is Moko Case Fit Samsung Tab S5e. This Samsung tab case features an ultra-thin style for easy packing in the bag when traveling and it has an auto wake and sleep mechanism.