Best Fast Charging Cable Brands for Apple and Android Devices

You’re watching some favorite movie of yours or playing an intense game on your phone and suddenly it pops up a “low battery” sign. This will make you absolutely furious because you know your phone charger will take some hours to recharge the phone battery to its full potential. So you will now have to wait to pass that time patiently before your entertainment might resume again. However, now the technology has made certain leaps ahead to solve that wait-and-watch issue. Nowadays, smartphones are accompanied by a smart charger. What makes it actually smart is the fast charging cable which recharges your phone in minutes instead of hours.

In an era of globalization, there are now numerous brands in the market that sell efficient charging cables at competitive prices. It gives a versatile choice to final users to choose from a variety of options. The best one will carry features like high-quality cable wire made of the finest shockproof material which is safe from getting ruptured as well. The best genuine cable will also fit in with a firm grip in the charging slot of the mobile, without loosening up; and above all, of course, it should provide quick charging to your cell phone. So here are some of the most reliable options to assist you in buying genuine and high-grade fast-charging USB cables.

1. Amazon Basics

Carrying the badge of “Amazon Choice” for the “iPhone 8 charger” category, AmazonBasics fast charging wires are braided with high-quality nylon fiber cloth covering the efficient copper wire underneath to provide top-notch efficiency to the fast charging cable. Coming in 2 sizes of 3 and 6-feet cables, it is compatible to quickly charge not just iPhone 8 but almost all Apple devices, including the other iPhone models as well as iPods and iPad. Thus, enjoy your phone entertainment with the utmost comfort in your leisure time.

Available in four exciting colors of dark grey, gold, rose gold, and silver; it provides two purchasing choices for the final user i.e. 1-Pack or 10-Pack purchase. Two purchasing combinations of Charging Cable + Accessory, or sole purchase of Charging Wire only gives user flexible purchasing options.

2. Hiway

Being the #1 Best Seller in the category of “Cell Phone Cables” on Amazon, Hiway gives a tough competition to Amazon Basics. While the latter provides 1-Pack and 10-Pack purchases, this top-seller provides not one but 5 Apple chargers in 3 different sizes of 3, 6 and 10 feet, all available in a one-time purchase. Providing you the same features like the aforementioned competitor, they also carry the ability to reach a massive speed of up to 480 Mbps during PC-Mobile Data Transfer. All this at a price equal to 1-Pack of “Amazon Choice” cables.

The Pack of 5 iPhone/iPad/iPod fast-charging cables includes two 3-feet, two 6-feet and one enormous snake-sized 10-feet cable which will assist to charge your Apple devices while easily reaching out distant power sockets. Thus making the brand an ideal go-to choice to make sure the hard-earned money is spent rightly on quality purchasing decisions.

Having discussed about the best quick charging wires for Apple devices, now we shift our attention to some of the best fast chargers in the Android World.


Being the Amazon’s Choice for the Type-C Charging Cables, what else can satisfy the user on the parameters of durability and reliability of a charging wire for their Android phone. Being 6.6 feet in length, these pack of 2 cables will be an ideal Samsung fast charger for S8, S8 Plus, S9, S10, and Galaxy Note 9. Moreover, it is also compatible to charge LG smartphones including G6, V20, and V30. It will also adapt well with other Type-C charging mobiles, unlike Apple, who enjoy the monopoly while having no alike competitors. The world of Android has fierce competition with a vast market base. Therefore, there will be many brands offering smartphones with a Type-C charging slot.

AINOPE fast recharge cables are available in three eye-catching colors of Blue, Red, and Grey. With 3.1 Amp power, it can provide a full charge in approximately one hour time. It can last for decades with a capacity of more than 40,000 plus insertions, just so you don’t have to worry about buying a charger for your phone again after some time. With more than 12,000 break-tests, it is very hard for this nylon-wrapped cable to get disconnected from its strong SR joint. Thus providing it a long-lasting efficiency against wire rupture and tangle breaks.


Having a brilliant average of 4.7 out of 5 in 689 ratings and counting, XIAE Type-C fast chargers give great competition to AINOPE in every aspect starting from features, quality, purchasing options and price. While giving the same or even better service, it is highly effective in PC-Mobile data transfer too while transporting files at an amazing speed of up to 480 Mbps. The versatile length options ranging from 3, 6 and 10 feet allows the user to easily charge and synchronize data files at convenience.

Just like Hiway, it also comes in a 5-pack one-time purchase which is cost-effective as compared to its competitor mentioned above. Available in 4 different shades with black being the show-stopper in all 4 colors – Black, Black & Blue, Black & Red, and Black & White. Compatible as Type-C Samsung fast charger, as well as other brands such as Huawei, and LG Google Pixel, etc.

Last update on 2020-10-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API