Top 10 Best Grommet Tools Review in 2021

The time has come for you to say goodbye to sore fingers, simple and wreckage tools since the grommet tools will help you accomplish tasks. The best work is done using hands so that work is done to perfection. Best Grommet Tools are versatile and popular tools present in the DIY kit. The solution is economical in repairing clothing, shoes, combination lock with key, tarps, pool covers, and tents. While using these tools, you will enjoy doing the works that you found boring and challenging in the past. You will thus result with an overall new experience. Try the grommet tools out today and you will never regret having considered them.

If you have not made up the mind on the best grommet tools to buy, read this grommet machine reviews, and you will certainly get a solution. This article will surely give you intel on different products which you ought to know.

List of Top 10 Best Grommet Tools Review

1. EZthings Leather Arts Plus Setting Pliers

eZthings Eyelet Setting Pliers for Leather Arts Plus 100 Eyelets
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The eZthings has the best eyelet pincers which are easy to use. Besides, these pliers are best for use with leather. Many people are pleased with the plier’s cost, while others take these pliers highly delicate. The hand held grommet tool forceps have the best size as they measure 7.8” x3.8 inches and 0.8”.

While using these pliers, you need to put an eyelet in the open part since this will keep the best grommet machine in one place. Besides, you will use a punch in making a hole before the use of the eZthings tool. The bundle has the capacity of incorporating 100 eyelets while each of them will have ¼ size inches.

Forceps are known for damaging eyelets since many people are suggesting the use of this product. Their forceps have great demand, and thus you need to make your order fast.


  • It has great forceps that do not damage the eyelets as compared to the ordinary forceps making it an ideal and the best type of pliers.
  • This plier can incorporate 100 eyelets at ago making ¼ size inches on each and every eyelet that it has incorporated.
  • It comes with forceps which has a great size measuring 7.8”x3.8 inches and 0.8” making it very easy and comfortable to use.
  • This type of pliers is greatly and efficiently used with leather materials giving you the results of your choice.
  • These type of pliers have the best and most ideal type of pincers which are very easy to use by everyone offering you with desirable results.
Pros Cons
  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Light
  • Durable
  • Not ideal for thick fabrics

2. Katzco 100 Gold Grommets Pliers Kit

Katzco Eyelet Grommet Pliers Kit - 1 Hole Punch, 100 Gold Grommets -...
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Best Grommet Tools forceps are made by Katzco and are handy, valuable. Light and reasonable. The pliers are suitable, particularly while one plans on going for art and home venture. Besides, the forceps are coming with 100 gold eyelets though they are also little.

Eyelet forceps are measuring 8.1” x 4.2 inches and 1.1”. Additionally, they include a hardcore cast, which comes with aluminum jaws. Structured handles. 6.4 ounces’ load, rustproof finish, and iron steel block compliments these pliers.

Jaws adjust the iron block to help the item in punching through many things. It has the capacity of punching through the canvas, cover, cushions, paper, and cards. Individuals are finding it hard to use due to a lack of legitimate directions on usage.


  • This grommet has the capability of punching through some of the tough materials such as canvas, cushions, papers, and cards with a lot of ease.
  • Its jaws have the ability of adjusting the iron block so as to help the tool in punching variety of materials without being strained.
  • The plier is also complemented with its structured handles, 6.4 pounds load, rust proof finish, and the iron steel block making it more durable.
  • These forceps also come with 100 gold eyelets though they are little in shape and size as compared to the eyelets of other similar tools.
  • This tool is valuable, handy, light and reasonable hence making its usage to be much comfortable to the user.
Pros Cons
  • Practical
  • Light
  • Rust-resistant
  • Durable
  • Has small size

3. Dritz Metal 574 Eyelet Pliers

Dritz 574, Eyelet Pliers, Turquoise
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Grommet tool, which Dritz offers, is light, easy to use, and well made. The tools are appropriate for use in huge and little eyelets. Clients are pleased with cost and quality though they find these tools quite hard to use.

Dritz best grommet machine is 9.4 x 4.9 and 1.1 inches and is also heavy with a record of 10.4 ounces. You will use these pliers to put small eyelets professionally and accurately. Though they are heavy in weight but their work is absolutely good

Additionally, the kit has one pincer set, guide, one remover device, and eight instruments. You will apply eyelets to paper, clothing articles, satchels, shower drapes, and belts eyelets. Dritz Grommet is useful in punching the rated and little gaps as the market’s best grommet press products.


  • Type of grommet is very ideal especially in making the rated and little gaps on the materials giving it a nice outlook.
  • This tool comes with one pincer set, one remover device, eight instruments and a guide to help you in operating it efficiently.
  • These grommets are a bit heavy and they weighs up to 10.4 ounces with a size of 9.4×4.9 and it is 1.1 in inches.
  • The tool has been made from high quality materials making it durable and its very efficient in its working.
  • This tool is also easy to use as it is much appropriate to be used with both huge and little eyelets.
Pros Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Has different sized eyelets
  • Good manufacturer
  • Durable
  • Costly
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4. Pangda 100 Sets Grommet Tool Kit

Pangda Grommet Tool Kit, Grommet Setting Tool and 100 Sets Grommets...
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The Pangda, tool installation kit, is coming with inch sized washers and eyelets. The kit is complete, and thus you will work on varying projects and use the tool kit any time at any place. Besides, the grommet tool is simple to use.

It would help if you placed this eyelet in matching mandrel and tool plus. Mandrel contains a pattern, and thus you will not make any mistake. There is no time that you will be out of hand held grommet tool since this kit is coming with a matching washer and 100 eyelet pieces.

You might carry all things in a storage box, which is clear and convenient plastic. This tool kit has a no-frills Best Grommet Tools, which you will take to all places using a box, which is see-through.


  • This tool has no-frills making it possible to be carried to any place using a see-through box due to its shape and design.
  • The tool also comes with a matching washer and extra 100 eyelet pieces to help you in boosting your daily operations as you use this tool.
  • Its mandrel contains a well laid pattern that will help you in doing your work perfectly without making any of the slightest mistake while using it.
  • This tool is very simple to use and can be operated by any one conveniently by also reading through the provided guide.
  • It can be used on varied projects and can also be used at any time and place since it very easy to operate and light in weight.
Pros Cons
  •  Grommet DIY installation
  • Has washers and eyelets
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to use
  • Has a small carriage box

5. KONIBN 300pcs 3/16” Punch Pliers

KONIBN 3/16' Eyelet Hole Punch Pliers with 300pcs Multi-Color Eyelets...
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Everyone desires to buy quality Grommets. These are the best plier’s best grommet press in the market as they are made of iron material and thus guarantee you of quality services. Additionally, these pliers will please you since they are anti-oxidation, anti-moisture, and anti-tension.

Since the different pliers have been painted using bright colors, painting off is next to possible. You will also use these pliers with ease since they are designed ergonomically for use by human hand.

Eyelet best grommet machine metal kit is useful for tarps, canvas, awnings, tents, and leather. You will apply them widely on shoelaces, clothing, shoes, and bags.


  • This grommet tool is very useful as it can be used with variety of materials such as the canvas, tarps, leather, and tents.
  • They are ergonomically designed to be used by your hands with much ease without you being injured as you use it.
  • The pliers also come in different colors that are very durable and are very resistant to any form of scratch hence cannot peel off easily.
  • This plier are anti-moisture, anti-oxidation and anti-tension hence working with them will be very beneficial to your health as the user.
  • The plier is also made from high quality iron that will guarantee you its durability for years without it wearing and tearing off.
Pros Cons
  • Best for home use
  • Easy to operate
  • High-quality grommets
  • Multi-colored
  • Has no instructions

6. Rustark 3/16 10 Colors Setting Tool Eyelets

Rustark 500 Sets Grommet Kit 3/16 Inch Grommet Setting Tool Metal...
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Here is a high-grade puncher that is strong and dependable. The tool comes with tool steel mandrel, zinc die-cast jaws, inset adjustable guide, and carbon steel. Since the metal eyelets come in various colors, you will certainly get a color that will please you.

The different colors include navy blue, orange, black, white, purple, yellow, silver, green, blue, and red. Additionally, these pliers’ quality is a guarantee since they have been proven to be anti-oxidation, anti-moisture, and anti-tension. All the pliers are painted using bright colors, and thus, painting off process is hard.

Additionally, these pliers are easy to operate. They have been designed ergonomically for use by human hand. Spring action ensures simple to use so that one may have lesser hand strain. In case you have been looking for the best pliers for home use, this is the best product for you to buy.


  • Their spring action feature will ensure that you use this tool with much simplicity without straining your hands
  • It has also been ergonomically designed to be used by human hands hence they won’t cause any damage to your hands
  • They are also resistant to scratch due to the quality type of paints they have and the painting also makes them to me more attractive and appealing while using them
  • The quality of this plier is also guaranteed as they are anti-tension, anti-oxidation, and anti-moisture
  • These tools also come with a steel mandrel, zinc die cast jaws, a carbon steel and inset adjustable guide.
Pros Cons
  • Easy to operate
  • High-quality item
  • Has a variety of multi-colors
  • Best for home use
  • None

7. Yescom Heavy Duty 3-Die Grommets Eyelet Tool

Yescom 3 Die (#0#2#4) Hand Press Grommet Machine Grommets Eyelet Tool...
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Yescom machine differs from other tools present in these grommet machine reviews. With this grommet hand-press tool, you will install different grommets with ease. There will be no more fumbling for various old-school components since all you require is putting die components in the machine and load the corresponding washer and eyelet and press.

Besides, you may accommodate thick materials as a result of hand pressing design. Hand press Best Grommet Tools are made using durable materials.

Additionally, grommets are durable as the kit is coming with ½ inch, 3/8 inch, and ¼ inch. Grommet tool has three pieces which are coming with different best grommet press. You will be love in this item since it is portable and thus you will take it with ease to all places.


  • This item is very portable and can be carried with a lot of ease to different places at any time when you want to use it.
  • The tool is very durable as it has the kit which comes with ½ inch,3/8 inch and ¼ inch to help boost your operations.
  • It is also strongly designed to be able to make hand pressing designs with thick materials with a lot of comfort and little strain.
  • It has been also modernized so as to simplify your work by simply putting the die component in the machine, load the corresponding washer and simply press to operationalize the tool.
  • The tool will also help you in installing different types of grommets with a lot of ease without stressing yourself.
Pros Cons
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Has thick materials
  • Grommet hand press installation
  • Heavy
  • Only three grommet sizes

8. Grommet ¼ 100 Silver Eyelet Setting Pliers

1/4' Grommet Eyelet Setting Pliers with 100 Silver Grommets
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Tools offered by ProTool are known for being shabby, optimized, simple to use, and down to earth. The clients of these pliers love eyelets and their cost. Some people have noted that they lack instructions in how one needs to handle these tools best.

The 7-inch hand held grommet tool is coming with mandrel jaw and blacksmith iron. Plugged PVC handles offer non-slip and extra easiness holds.

Forceps are using metal grommets, which are self-support. They work hand in hand with the inside distance, which is across and barrel length. The bundle is incorporating 1000 grommets for varying textures, calfskin, vinyl, and canvas.

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  • Their bundle incorporates up to 1000 grommets with varying texture, vinyl, calfskin and the canvas.
  • Its forceps are specifically designed to offer self-support as it works hand in hand with the inner distance.
  • Its plugged PVC handles offer the plier the non-slip reinforcement and also offers it extra ability to hold it.
  • The tool is also coming with a 7-inch mandrel jaw and a blacksmith iron to give more strength to the tool.
  • These tools are also shabby, down to earth, easy to use and has also been well optimized to enhance its performance.
Pros Cons
  • Anvil steel
  • Non-slip
  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Poor design

9. Kurtzy 100 Eyelets Hole Punch Pliers

Kurtzy Eyelet Hole Punch Pliers Kit with 100 Eyelets - 16cm/6.3 Inch...
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This eyelet and plier set is perfect as they add embellishments and funky designs on a wide range of materials. Eyelet pliers are unique as they are wide and designed compactly for easy storage. Since they have a lightweight, they ensure one gets the easy operation.

The durable and strong alloy implies these pliers are dependable since they will not break with ease. Additionally, these pliers are designed ergonomically for spring action and the human hand to allow easier use.

Different components in this item are easy to clean as the chrome finish makes the pliers resistant to rust, which adds to their lifespan. While using eyelet pliers, you will realize they are best for budding craftsmen and home use.


  • The plier is best for the budding craftsmen and can also be used at home due to their simple design.
  • Their plier is resistant to rust due to its chrome finish and cleaning its different component is also much easier.
  • They have an ergonomic design for both spring and human hand action with a lot of ease.
  • You will find they are durable and strong hence are very dependable and can not be broken while they are in use.
  • They have been compactly designed to be stored easily and also to be used with much more ease.
Pros Cons
  • Best for home use
  • High-quality pliers
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy
  • Limited use

10. BIZOEPRO 3/8 Inch Grommet Kit

BIZOEPRO Grommet Tool Kit Grommets Press Grommet Pliers Punch Kits...
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The items manual puncher matches up with 3/8” diameter eyelets and has an inclusion of 500pcs eyelets. Besides, this kit will be held together with the case, bag, garments, tarpaulin, and PVC banners. Magnetic dies will fix the washer and the eyelet with ease.

Additionally, the handle made of plastic materials is anti-skid and anti-friction to help in easier holding. It is time you buy these pliers with high purity and durable metal to give a long life span.

With this item, there is no need for pre-punch. In case the material is hard for one to punch, there is a need for one to pre-punch it. The best grommet press and punching setting is performed at one time without the necessity of pre-punch and extra tools.


  • Its setting and punching are done once and you do not need to pre-punch or use extra tool to supplement this tool.
  • The plier is highly durable and will last for long due to the quality and nature of the material it has been made from.
  • Its handle is made from a good plastic material which is anti-friction and anti-skidding to enhance its grip as you are using it.
  • The kit is also held together with its case, the bag, garments and the PVC banners with a lot of comfort.
  • Their plier goes together with a diameter of 3/8 and has an inclusion of 500 pieces eyelets.
Pros Cons
  • Portable machine
  • Easy holding and durable
  • Wear-resistant
  • Magnetic dies fix the washer and eyelet well
  • Clumsy but effective

Guide on Buying Grommet Tools


For a product which will serve you for many years, you need to look at the used materials. Grommet tools need to be made using premium heavy-duty metal. Besides, it ought to be finished using powder and rustproof coating to give a long lifespan. For portability, it needs to have a rolling base, a portable and lightweight design.

Lever Handle

Grommets machines, manual and semi-auto devices should be hand-operated. For simpler operation, you need to buy a machine that contains a big lever handle. Handles will have varying lengths ranging from 11 to 14 inches. Additionally, the lever handle should be easier to operate with less power. It is time you acquire a piece that contains a long handle. For comfy and easier control, the lever handle needs to have padded and soft foam. In most cases, the lever handle is determined by one’s arms. Therefore, you need to determine the size of the handle that suits your hands most to avoid making mistakes.

Number of Die Sets and Grommet Pieces

Each Best Grommet Tools has varying die set numbers, and therefore you need to ensure you buy the best grommet to favor your operations. There are machines with three die sets, while others have two die sets. Besides, there are varying numbers in different best grommet machine pieces. You will realize there are machines with 100, 000 pieces while others have 500 pieces. It is good for you to pick the plier which suits you best.


You will be using a grommet machine for simpler and quicker activity. Hand press hand held grommet tool machine is overwhelming of top seat tabletop. Though you need to tackle heavy jobs using a grommet machine tool, you have surety of good outcomes. You will require the best 3-piece cutter set and grommets to hand press machines.

While using a tool that you prefer using, you will always be comfortable with it. Besides, it will help you in carrying your daily chores with more ease.


Most of the grommet toolboxes in this grommet machine reviews are below $10. It is best to purchase toolboxes that are inexpensive and ones with high quality. In most cases, cheap and expensive products have similar quality. Therefore, it is great idea to go to more affordable pliers.

Grommets Usage

Grommets have a big scope for the utilization of mechanical, business, and private use. You may use the grommet tools in ornaments, window, and shoes or as covering to cover vehicles and vessels.


While assisting a friend or engaging in a hobby, you always need to have the best tools. When you buy one of the best grommet tools, you have surety of quality services just like quality services of best buy tv wall mount. These tools mentioned above are outstanding in their services. This grommet machine reviews will suit you, and thus you need to read the guide for you to determine the Best Grommet Tools for you to buy.

The best recommended best grommet tools are EZthings Leather Arts Plus Setting Pliers. This type of pliers is greatly and efficiently used with leather materials giving you the results of your choice.