Top 10 Best Hand Drum for Beginner in 2021

Best Hand Drum for Beginner is rousing. As a starter, you will love to have the best hand drum for beginners. Besides, getting this may be difficult as there are so many alluring hand drums to buy at the start or before your training. Basically, with a large variety of best bongo drums for beginners on the market, there is confusion about which to purchase and what is best. Almost all regions in the world have their associated primary cheap hand drums. Again, Djembe in Africa, Pandeiro in Brazil, Conga in Cuba, the Table in India, and many more. Again, the options are limitless, and this can truthfully make players confused about what they choose.

Besides, each of these types of best hand drums has their individual qualities, and some are very unique. In this review, we will be considering some of the essential factors to consider when selecting a hand drum. Again, we will also explore the five best hand drums for beginners you can pick from. It is time you buy hand drums.


List of Top 10 Best Hand Drum for Beginner

1. Conga Drum 12″ and Stand – RED Wine -World Percussion New!

Conga Drum 12' and Stand - RED Wine -World Percussion New!

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First, beginners need hand drums that are playable and easy to handle. Besides, this hand drum is very easy to handle; it has a playable hard surface with an outside ring diameter of 13.5 inches. Again, the cheap hand drums  has an overall height of 28.25 inches.

Additionally, for easy tuning, the drum has 5 adjustable tuning lugs; this makes it easier for beginners to test out different tuning effects.

Furthermore, the best hand drums produces nice and sweet midrange tones, which are poppy and not harsh. Besides, this drum sounds great no matter where you play either indoor or outdoor.


  • Amazing and elegant sounds.
  • Sweet and quality mid-range tones.
  •  28.25 inches with tuning 5 adjustable lugs
  • Hard playable 13.5 inches diameter.
  • Beginners playable hand devices.
Pros Cons
  • This a beautiful stained-wood piece
  • Playable
  • Easy to handle
  • It is portable
  • Hands can be hurt from prolonged use

2. Meinl Percussion HC512WRB Headliner Series 11-Inch and 12-Inch Conga Set With Basket Stands, Wine Red Burst

Meinl Percussion HC12PBK-M Headliner Designer Series 12-Inch Conga...

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Generally, the Meinl Headliner Series Wine Red Burst Wood Conga Set is a perfect entry level conga set, available in two sizes. Besides, the compact size is easy for young players to handle, light to carry, and has a full, rich sound.

Additionally, you can develop a full foundation of conga techniques and rhythms with these student-friendly best bongo drums for beginners. Again, they offer outstanding quality and great value in the budget price range.

Furthermore, this a pair of congas you will want to keep around as you develop your skills. Besides, they have superb projection, warm tones, light weight and features found on professional congas.


  • Easy to use and lightweight.
  • Warm and superb projection.
  • Great value and outstanding quality.
  • Conga rhythms and techniques.
  • Full rich compact size.
Pros Cons
  • Great sound
  • look beautiful.
  • Quality from a trusted manufacturer!
  • lightweight
  • The price is too high for this product

3. Pyle Hand Crafted Bongo – Pair of Wooden Bongo, 6.5 & 7.5 Inch – PBND10

Pyle Hand Crafted Bongo Drums - Pair of Wooden Bongo Drums, 6.5 & 7.5...

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To begin with, Jazz up the tone of your music with Pyle Wooden bongo cheap hand drums. Generally, a pair of hand-crafted wooden shell bongo best bongo drums for beginners of diameters 6.5″ and 7.5″. Besides, this set of classic/traditional bongo cheap hand drums is perfect for beginners and experienced players.

Additionally, you can enjoy the sounds of percussion with the Pyle Wooden best bongo drums for beginners. Besides, the set also comes with two-toned wooden panels with glossy finish perfectly hand-crafted pair of drums for beginners and experienced drummers. Again. it is compact and lightweight which makes it relatively easier to be moved around.

Furthermore, the wood, the metals and the skin are all made of top quality materials which translates to improved sound quality as well as sturdiness and durability. Again, this set of best hand drums is ready to stick with you for years


  • Top quality and improved sound.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Glossy finish and two-toned panels.
  • Set of  traditional and classic bondo.
  • Adjustable basket stands.
Pros Cons
  • Recommend them for beginners and well built.
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Good sound quality
  • The skins on the heads are not as attractive looking as in the product photos.

4. Remo RH-5600-00 Rhythm Club Bongo – Rhythm Kids, 5″-6″

Remo RH-5600-00 Rhythm Club Bongo Drum - Rhythm Kids, 5'-6'

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Generally, the Remo Rhythm Club RH-5600-00 Bongos feature a 4.5″ high Acoustic on shell, with 5″ and 6″ diameter pre-tuned synthetic heads.

Additionally, the lightweight acoustic shell makes these buy hand drums bongos an ideal choice for schools, health and wellness programs, and outdoor drumming activities. Besides, it also makes them perfect for little drummers!

Additionally, the Rhythm Club bongos are constructed with a high-density base with molded “feet” to elevate the best bongo drums for beginners. Besides, even the smallest percussionist can produce great sounds. Rhythm Club bongos are a quality instrument at an affordable price!

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  • Rhythm Club and high quality bongos.
  • High-density and well constructed.
  • Acoustic and lightweight shell.
  • Acoustic  4.5″ synthetic and pre-tuned quality
  • Excellent and high quality services.
Pros Cons
  • Inexpensive, cool multicultural design, good sound!!
  • Durable
  • They are sturdy
  • Good value for money
  • There is some piping around the edges that a small child may eat and/or pull off/play with

5. MUSICUBE Bongo Set, 2 Sets 7” and 8” Percussion Instrument, FSC Wood and Metal for Kids Adults Beginners Professionals with Tuning Wrench

MUSICUBE Bongo Drum Set, 6” and 7” Percussion Instrument, Wooden...

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Ordinarily, all packages and wood products are FSC certificated. Under Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) system, we are taking the responsibility to help management and production of the world’s forests.

Besides, FSC sets high standards that ensure forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, and economically viable way. Again, the elected authentic natural skin heads, delivers the tenability superior lively tone with and a good mix of melodic options. Furthermore, the natural glossy finish ensure for the well performance in your hand. Along with a tuning wrench for easily accurate tuning.

Additionally, excellent workmanship with the experienced European designer helps to develop an excellent hardware. Again, there is a smooth black powder coated hardware and natural glossy finish for both professionals and starters.


  • Natural finish and smooth powder.
  • Excellent and well designed quality product.
  • Natural and authentic feel.
  • Environmentally friendly materials.
  • Better protection and relaxed status.
Pros Cons
  • Well made,
  • decent set of beginner
  • its thickness is good
  • portable
  • Hand prints on skins, Skins are rough and uneven. Metal rims around skins are filthy. Covered in goop and dirt.

6. Click N’ Play Percussion Bongo Set for Kids & Beginners, Wooden Base & Natural Rabbit Skin Heads, Acoustic On Shell, 5″-6″ (CNP3733)

Click N' Play Percussion Bongo Drum Set for Beginners Kids and Adults,...

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To begin with this delightful percussion bongo best bongo drums for beginners set from click n ‘play, toddlers, big kids and beginner’s alike can enjoy making beautiful music. Again, they are introducing themselves to the world of music particularly while used with best trombone mouthpiece for high notes. Additionally, they are featuring sturdy wood construction that is durable under enthusiastic play. Thus, this bestselling drum is the perfect size for younger children to begin developing their musical skills.

Besides, it is fully playable as well as pre-tuned, this bongo offers the realistic feel of a more professional instrument, while remaining kid-friendly for little artists.

Again, it is made from high quality solid wood and heads are made of with natural rabbit skins, this is an instrument that is sure to be loved and cherished by your kids for years to come.


  • Natural and high quality wood.
  • Pre-tuned and has realistic feel.
  • Wood construction and sturdy play.
  • 5″ Inches in height to suit use by all kids.
  • Teaches all music basics.
Pros Cons
  • The bongos were ordered for a toddler that loves to pound on things.
  • They are very durable
  • Have a decent quality sound!
  • Well crafted
  • Skin on the larger item is very loose and barely makes sound, they’re bolted together pretty unevenly and glue oozing out from the trim.

7. Eastar Bongo 6” and 7” Congas for Kids Adults Beginners Professionals Wood Percussion Instrument Bag and Tuning Wrench, Natural Finish, EBO-1 Best Hand Drum for Beginner

Eastar Bongo Drums 6” and 7” Wood Percussion Instrument Bongos for...

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First, the bongo Best Hand Drums for Beginner has a very crisp and bright sound, good durability and also allows the drums to sing at the same time. Besides, this bongo drum set has no sharp edges, and the inside of the drum is polished into a smooth arc shape, which is safe for children and will not scratch hands.

Additionally, the Best Hand Drum for Beginner is suitable for beginners and primary bongo cheap hand drums lovers. Natural timbre, 6” + 7” drum head configuration, which is convenient for players to play the different timbre. Besides, this size is also the most portable size, equipped with 8mm thick bag, performers can carry around and perform.

Furthermore, Eastar EBO-1 Bongo buy hand drums is equipped with simple innovative rim, which can be easily to adjust tone and sound even for beginners.


  • Innovative and simple rim.
  •  8mm thick equipped and portable bag.
  • Convenient 6” + 7” great operation.
  • Smooth and sharp edges.
  • Bright and crisp sound.
Pros Cons
  • For a good price, these are pretty good.
  • They mix well in a circle, and the case is a nice feature.
  • Are portable
  • High quality
  • The skins look old, misprinted, and faded. The wood has scratches and nicks.

8. African , Hand-Carved Bongo Congo Djembe 9.5” x 20” Mahogany Goatskin for Children Starter Beginners(Red)

Djembe Drum, AKLOT African Drum Hand-Carved 9.5'' x 20'' Mahogany...

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First, this is jembe drum with a genuine goatskin Best Hand Drums for Beginner head, the thinner skins have a sharper sound with fewer overtones in the slaps and are louder compared to thicker cowhide. Besides, the skin is tightened by steel rings correctly, you don’t have to worry any curved on the head.

Generally, our bongo Congo drum carved from one solid piece of mahogany by skilled artisan, features in high hardness and density. Again, the head size is big enough to play with proper technique to achieve bass, tone, and slap.

Furthermore, the base section of cheap hand drums with hand-carved flying elephant pattern and other traditional element, a symbol of luck and best wish for you. Besides, it adds unique style to your place and let you enjoy the exotic charm.


  • Hand-carved base section.
  • Big enough head size.
  • Comes as a single solid piece.
  • Steel tightens the rings.
  • Sharp and genuine goatskin.
Pros Cons
  • Incredible sound from this little!
  • Well crafted
  • Durable materials
  • portable
  • none

9. African , Hand-Painted Bongo Congo 9.5‘’ x 20‘’ Mahogany Goatskin for Children Starter Best Hand Drum for Beginner

Djembes Drum AKLOT African Drum Hand-Painted 9.5'' x 20'' Mahogany...

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To begin with, the hand drum measures 9.5’’x20’’, is popular among grade, middle schools and new beginners because of its versatility and portability. Besides, the head size is big enough to play with proper technique to achieve bass, tone, and slap.

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Additionally, the best bongo drums for beginners with a genuine goatskin cheap hand drums head. Additionally, the thinner skins have a sharper sound with fewer overtones in the slaps and are louder compared to thicker cowhide. Again, the skin is tightened by steel rings correctly, you don’t have to worry any curved on the head. Another thing, the bongo Congo Best Hand Drums for Beginner carved from one solid piece of mahogany by skilled artisan, features in high hardness and density.

Besides, we adopt the low-stretch (static) rope, which was test several times by professional drummers, won’t too loose or tight for a better tuning. Additionally, the base section of best djembe for beginners with multicolor hand-painted pattern, adds unique style to your place and let you enjoy the exotic charm.


  • Hand-painted and multicolor product.
  • Solid piece and hard mahogany.
  • Tightened by the help of steel rings.
  • Made of genuine leather.
  • Big enough to allow use with different techniques.
Pros Cons
  • Arrived one day earlier than actual date.
  • Product looks same as mentioned.
  • They are durable
  • Good quality
  • Not properly tune. No manual or instructions.

10. ArtCreativity 8 Inch Mini Wooden Toy – Rustic Brown Wood and Authentic Design – Fun Musical Instrument for Children – Gift Idea, Party Supplies, Birthday Party Favor for Boys, Girls, Toddler

ArtCreativity 8 Inch Mini Wooden Toy Drum - Rustic Brown Wood and...

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First, get that party started with a bang! This buy hand drums is a great addition to any bash to get the crowd in the mood. Besides, use it to keep kids entertained at a party, to set the atmosphere during any celebration, or to just jam away on a lazy afternoon. Generally, you will love the authentic look that exudes a wave of traditional charm.

Besides, this mini buy hand drums are made from wood with a rustic brown hue. Each one measures 8” tall, 3.75” in diameter, and is inspired by classic drum design. Throwing a Hawaii themed party? Besides, do you want to add an authentic feel to that luau or backyard barbecue? Thus, get a couple of these Best Hand Drum for Beginner and get a couple of compliments in return.

Generally, the cheap hand drums are great for both boys and girls, can gifted as a party favor children favor that’ll steal the show, and makes a cool novelty gift for adults with a musical ear. Thus, it is ideal for toddlers and kids ages 3+.


  • Solid to allow use by kids and toddlers.
  • Improves the overall authentic feel.
  • Comfortable, portable and lightweight.
  • 3.75″ diameter and 8″ tall product.
  • Made of rustic brown wood.
Pros Cons
  • Perfect for all ages,
  • durable
  • well crafted
  • sturdy
  • Looks cool but it’s tiny and doesn’t make much sound more like a decoration than a toy.

Buying Guide for Best Hand Drum for Beginner

Generally, points below are important factors that will directly affect the sound of your used Best Hand Drums for Beginner. Again, based on the diversities of hand drums available in the world, it is best to consider essential factors that will help make the selection easy and more precise. However, when you’re checking out a used Best Hand Drums for Beginner set, there’s one problem: Thus, it is extremely time consuming to check everything listed here.

Play Location

Generally, one of the critical factors that influence your choice is where you will be playing. Besides, there are certain hand drums designed for playing outdoor, while there are some designed for playing indoor. Furthermore, the sound quality differs; hence, you must choose one suitable for the location you will be playing.

Hand drum skin

Basically,  the hand drum skin is another factor to consider for drummers. Generally, some buy hand drums are designed for soft and fragile hands. Again, some surfaces are suitable for all playing hands. Furthermore, Djembes and congas have skins that can easily be played by beginners.


Basically,  you can either pick natural materials or synthetic materials. Besides, natural best hand drums material produces warm and round tones, it can easily be affected by the environment and climate, and it is less durable overall. Besides, synthetic materials on the hand are not susceptible to climate changes. Something else, it produces bright and sharp tones.


First, hand Best Hand Drum for Beginner types have different ways of adjustment. Mostly, tuning helps bring out the right tone and sound in your hand drum. Besides, some tunings are easily done with ropes while some make use of metal lugs.

Even with really high-end gear

Generally, you’re often better off buying used devices and cymbals… All Best Hand Drum for Beginner will lose a lot of value as soon as it leaves the shop floor. Besides, a bonus with high-end used Best Hand Drum for Beginner is that they’re often in great condition. Besides, experienced users  know how to play and care for their instruments.

Final Verdict

In this review, we have done well in identifying and highlighting criteria that should be considered when selecting Best Hand Drum for Beginner. Besides, we have seen some of the best hand drums for beginners, which are all designed to make playing more natural and enjoyable. Thus, try out the above discussed and buy hand drums to have unique and beautiful playing experience. Also, good enough all these Best Hand Drum for Beginner are offered at affordable prices, and they help prepare and sharpen your playing skills.

So, the best recommended product in the market is Conga Drum 12″ and Stand – RED Wine -World Percussion New! Besides, these items have an overall height of 28.25 inches for easy tuning since it has 5 adjustable tuning lugs.