Top 10 Best Wood Activity Cube for Kids Reviews

Wooden toys are among the best play tools that have withstood the test of time. Currently, many kids use iPhones and iPads while they get the capacity to grasp items on their hands. Generally, wood activity cube has been evolving from time to time to make them better. Besides, a well-made activity cube toy is likely to cater to the child’s needs by providing learning opportunities and endless stimulation.


This review has been compiled of the best wood activity cube you can find in the market. Again, with these toys, you have a guarantee that your child will remain engaged for many hours while still improving cognitive and motor skills.


List of Top 10 Best Wood Activity Cube for Kids Reviews

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1. KidKraft Activity Deluxe Cube

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The Kraft wooden toy cube is offering colorful four sides of fun. Generally, all the panels feature varying activities to sharpen varying motor skills while learning about numbers, letters, shapes, and colors. Also, the letter blocks have slides and spins, which are brightly illustrated.

Generally, the Deluxe wooden activity centre cube is offering five sides for maximum fun for kids aged one-year-old. Besides, each of the wooden activity centre panels features various activities to help the young kids in sharpening of motor skills and learn more concerning numbers, letters, shapes, and colors.

Furthermore, the present Abacus wooden activity box will assist kids in learning how to count. Mostly, wooden construction is strong, and thus the cube is safe for kids who are older than a period of a year.


  • Strong wooden construction.
  • Improves mathematical skills.
  • Panel consist of different activities.
  • Five sides gives maximum fun.
  • Letter blocks have spins.
Pros Cons
  • The spinning of alphabet blocks
  • Colorful and bright artwork on each panel
  • Best for kids aged 12 months and more
  • Assist kids in learning letters, colors, shapes, and more
  • Average durability

2. Zany Zoo Activity Cube

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Zany Zoo is a wooden activity box that gives kids good fun. Something else, the entertaining activities and fun colors are among the main things that people love about this wood activity cube. Additionally, the wooden toy cube comes with five different games and fun to educate and entertain the toddler.

Each of the other wooden activity centre sides will be encouraging a different form of play. Adding to that, the activities include doors to open, and exploring animals for one to wind through. Furthermore, the colorful wooden activity center toy spinners will be useful while spinning. Also, play is a major factor in kids’ hand-eye coordination.

Furthermore, fine motor skills and toddlers’ sensory. With Zany Zoo, toddlers remain engaged and entertained. In fact, the beautiful colors, designs, and activities will captivate them. Furthermore, the activity cube toy will help you build confidence through effective actions and simple causes and tactile activities on hands.


  • Improves the overall confidence.
  • Has different activities, designs and colors.
  • Increases the overall eye-coordination.
  • Help in animals exploration.
  • Cube has five varying games.
Pros Cons
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Best for development and learning
  • Five fun sides
  • Affordable
  • Alphabets seem advanced

3. Country Critters Activity Play Cube

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Are you in search of the best activity play cube? Another thing, the wooden toy cube that best suits your needs is the country play cube. Also, it is a wood activity cube featuring a variety of play sides and animal friends.

Besides, busy kids appreciate the various wooden activity centre activities as they encourage them in storytelling and imagination. It also includes ten pieces with wooden shapes and balls. Additionally, the item is thus safe for use by children since wood is non-toxic yet has a high quality.

Ordinarily, the best ages to consider using the wooden toy cube are kids with 12 months to even six years. Besides, the discover and sort wooden activity center cube is consisting of five different sides.


  • Consist of five sides.
  • Great for kids aged 12 years.
  • Non-toxic thus safe for children use.
  • Consist of variety of activities.
  • Wooden pieces have 10 shapes.
Pros Cons
  • Has a variety of activities
  • Non-toxic shape finishes
  • Varying sides to encourage storytelling and imagination
  • Shape sorter
  • While putting shapes in holes, they tend to fall to the bottom

4. Manhattan Tree Top Activity Center

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The wooden tere top adventure toddler cube toy has been packed full of different motor skill activities. Besides, it is unique as kids never realize they are practicing their gross and fine motor skills while investigating the tree-themed center’s features.

Furthermore, the   wooden activity center toys features shape recognition, toddler activities, bead runs, spinning dials, springy flaps, and gliders. Furthermore, while toddlers are happy and engaged, their caregivers become delighted. Again, the wooden toy cube is measuring 18” wide and 22.5” tallness with a non-toxic and water-based finish.

Another thing, it is the most appropriate activity cube toy for kids aged one year and above. Thus, you may consider offering your kid this activity cube toy during their birthday gift. Therefore, the gift will certainly amaze them greatly.


  • Great for birthday gift.
  • It measures 22.5″ tall and 18” wide.
  • Keeps kids engaged at all times.
  • Toys are capable to feature shape recognition.
  • Help practice different motor and fine skills.
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Pros Cons
  • Highly engaging
  • Has features concerning activity center
  • Allows imaginative play
  • Suits kids aged one and above
  • Quite smaller than expected

5. EverEarth Garden Activity Cube

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Imagine buying a wooden activity centre cube than has six sides of different activities. Thus, it is time you ensure you keep your child engaged using the EverEarth cube. Generally, the wooden toy cube ensures children are always busy with the bead maze, spinning gears, sliding animals, counting beads, and geometric shape sorting.

Furthermore, the product is non-toxic and natural. Also, it is made using natural hardwood, which is stained using water-based and non-toxic paint. It is thus safe for use by toddlers and curious babies.

Furthermore, the size is perfect, particularly for sitting babies to hold and play. Since the design is sturdy, wooden activity box will prevent tipping while babies are grasping and standing. Therefore, always wipe the wood activity cube clean to protect your child’s health and well-being.


  • Simple to clean.
  • Sturdy design prevents tips.
  • Help babies to hold and play with ease.
  • Consist of natural hardwood.
  • Keeps kids busy at all times.
Pros Cons
  • Educational toy
  • No-toxic and natural
  • Six different activity sides
  • Perfect size
  • Expensive

6. Cossy Baby Walker Toddler Toys

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Generally, the design of activity cube toy determines if children enjoy using a given toy or not. Another thing, the cossy wooden activity center toys have a lovely design, which makes many children love it abundantly. Besides, the wooden walker will assist your kids’ practice walking.

Furthermore, wooden activity centre is brightly colored as it contains a variety of car patterns. Thus, it is time your child gets a variety of fun games, including going for a stroll, jamming in xylophone, and counting abacus.

Furthermore, the toy has been designed carefully using special wheels to protect the floor while producing a smaller sound. The wood used in making this toy is durable to ensure the item is non-toxic and firm. As a result, it is safe for use by babies.


  • Non-toxic and durable.
  • Brightly colored.
  • Designed with the help of special wheels.
  • Comes in different fun games,
  • Special and well designed wood.
Pros Cons
  • High quality
  • Has special wheels
  • Lovely design
  • Meets all quality standards
  • Screws may stick from the toy at times.

7. Cossy Baby Learning Wooden Walker Toddler Toys

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Here is a wooden walker toy which is made similarly to a circus theme. Besides, it comes with varying entertainment functions. It is solidly constructed with brightly colored wood and thus used for man generations.

Babies are encouraged to use this item in the yard and house while pushing and pulling. It is a toy that will give maximum fun to babies. Besides, the premium quality material is of great necessity, and thus the product is child safe and environmentally friendly. Its’ safe wheels have been designed with keenness.

Ordinarily, the setback wheels will, therefore, protect the floor while producing less sound. Thus, buy this wooden toy cube today as it is 100% satisfied as it meets different quality standards.


  • Wheels prevents all form of damages.
  • High quality premium materials.
  • Toys offer maximum fun.
  • Brightly and solidly constructed.
  • Offers high quality entertainment.
Pros Cons
  • High-quality item
  • Has special wheels
  • Lovely design
  • 100% satisfied
  • None

8. Bead Maze Toy for Toddlers

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The wooden activity center wooden abacus is made of 16 different colorful beads. Besides, it has three rows containing straight-line tracks. Again, it’s design allows parents to teach kids in computation and also nurturing the ability of kid’s math.

Generally, many babies love using colorful things to help them keep attention on a given toy for a long time. Since the wooden activity center toy is made using quality metal and wood, the metal lasts for a long period without breaking. Again, there is no necessity of worrying about the possibility of baby choking since there is no time in which the toy will come apart.

The water-based paint and smooth-edges pieces are harmless to the babies. Kids are likely to spend a lot of time using wooden activity box play. Parents should play with kids as it allows for child-parent communication.


  • Water-based and smooth edges paint
  • Protects the baby from chocks.
  • Consist of quality wood and metal.
  • Colorful toy.
  • Guides kids in computation process.
Pros Cons
  • Gives the family quality time
  • Good quality toy
  • Best early learning gift
  • Affordable
  • Wooden pieces on the bottom come apart

9. Manhattan Playful Toy Activity Center

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You are one of the people who have learned about Manhattan’s playful pony. Furthermore, it assists kids in engaging in play. Besides, it has two sides of wooden and beautifully crafted pieces supporting the wooden floors, wire runs, and nature painted images present on the sides.

Ordinarily, the horse comes with a different color and is ideal for dexterity practice, effect, and cause learning. Besides, the wooden activity center toy measures 18”x 9”x 13” with non-toxic and water-based toxic nature.

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Another thing, it’s playful pony is an ideal toy for use by people who are aged one year and above. Thus, most people buy it as a toddler décor item, nursery toy, or as a birthday gift.


  • Great gift for kids.
  • Best for kids with one years and above.
  • Measures 18”x 9”x 13” in size.
  • Comes in variety of colors.
  • Two well crafted sides.
Pros Cons
  • Highly detailed graphics
  • Hands-on learning fun
  • Perfect birthday gift
  • Allows motor skill development
  • Lightweight thus is broken with ease by kids

10. Le Toy Van Activities Toy

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The best wooden activity center toy is one with the capacity to develop confidence, dexterity skills, and hand-eye coordination. Stacking activity cube toy are highly ideal for boys and girls. With this toy, you will help your kid in naming the present animals with ease.

In case you are stuck on the best gift to offer to your two-year-old kid, here is a wooden toy cube that will suit your different needs. It comes in 9 pieces in each se. The pieces will assist you in introducing the kid to colors, additions, and subtraction. Besides, the item also helps in refining and training shape recognition and is thus great for toddler learning.

The toy is also environment friendly as it is safely made using premium quality wood. The wooden activity center toys have been decorated with tested and non-toxic paint using high safety standards.


  • Decorated perfectly.
  • Premium quality and environmentally friendly.
  • Improves train and refine shape.
  • Consist of universal pieces.
  • Supports overall coordination.
Pros Cons
  • Beautifully constructed
  • Nine pieces in each set
  • Best gift for toddlers
  • Educational benefits
  • Small pieces tend to pose a choking hazard

Guide on Purchase of Wooden Toys

Apart from simplicity, baby activity cube wooden toys can bring a lot of benefits to the child’s development. With this guide, you will surely get an ideal activity cube toy that will turn out to become the daughter’s or son’s favorite. For you to acquire a wood activity cube which your kid will like, you should consider these factors:


Many wooden toys are eye-catching. The time-tested and simple methods will be harkening to the simpler and older times. The quality ones come from reputable brands and have the capacity to get passed from one generation to next. Furthermore, wood activity cube are made using a variety of sizes and shapes, which are brightly colored. The wooden toys will have the capacity of conserving the original hue and color. The main wooden toys can maintain the striking and minimalist style. It is great to look for fun particularly while shopping for toddlers and babies.

Materials Quality

Paying attention to different quality materials is of great need and necessity. There is a great need for dyed and colored toys. Most brands are likely to inform you they have nothing toxic. In case you fail to have this guarantee, it is best to purchase your activity cube toy from a well-known manufacturer. It is also good to consider going over a given toy to ensure all the parts are intact. The wood also requires to be well finished with no any rough patches that are likely to provide the kid with splinters.


The major draws of wooden activity centre toys are their simplicity. Most of the wooden toys, particularly made for babies and toddlers, have abstract shapes. They will be used in many different ways, including the development of thinking and creative skills. Furthermore, structured toys have defined rules and objectives. The two forms of toys are useful as they come with varying objectives. It would help if you mixed the toys and best dolls for toddlers that your kids use in playing and include the abstract and structure ones.

Types of Wood

Varying wooden baby toy cubes will be using a variety of woods. The most appropriate toys will be using solid wood. Cheaper options are made of compressed wood and may cause danger as they are made of toxic adhesives. At all times, you ought to consider safety and quality over price. In case you wish to take care of the environment, it is best to buy wooden toys made using sourced materials. The best option is Bamboo since it grows rapidly, readily available, and industrial farmed.


The wooden activity centre toys have been in the market for a long time and remain in the market for many years to come. They are educational, stimulating, well-made, and simple. A handful of blocks have the capacity of delighting the toddler for hours. These essential items are of necessity to every child to assist them in developing cognitive abilities and motor skills.

The best recommended wooden activity cube in the market is KidKraft Activity Deluxe Cube. The present Abacus will assist kids in learning how to count with much more ease enhancing their mathematical skills.