Best Amazon Kindle and Kindle PaperWhite

The New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has some great product features and is an improved version of the older model. It’s Amazons thinnest Kindle to date and has 8 GB of storage, twice the storage of the older models. The Amazon Kindle features a glare-free display and a modern design, which is lightweight; which makes for easy reading. The battery life has also been improved; a single charge will last weeks rather than hours, so you’re less likely to run out of battery.

The Amazon kindle is kind of digital e-reader. It is easy to take with and it can store a lot of e-books. Here is the top 5 of amazon kindle for your choice. You can select one of them to buy, it is good for reading the book with amazing device.

List of Best Amazon Kindle and Kindle PaperWhite

Another major improvement on this model is it’s waterproofing; making it great for reading on a boat, at the pool or the beach. Stock up on some holiday reading and if you accidentally drop your Amazon reader into the water? Well, Amazon has that covered too as the Kindle Paperwhite can be immersed in up to two meters of water for one hour.

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A fantastic feature of this Amazon Kindle is the ability to switch between reading and audio with the Audible app via Bluetooth. You’ll also be able to adjust the size of the text as well as choose the fonts and boldness.

Choose from a wide selection of books; the Kindle Paperwhite allows you to carry a whole library in your backpack.

Are you like reading the books? Kindle paperwhite can help you to read the book without effected to your eyes. It has Built-in adjustable light for you to read at day and night. It has long battery life enough for you to read it. The resolution ishHigher display (300 ppi) – with twice as many pixels.

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