10 Best Youth Football Shoulder Pads Reviews in 2021

Playing football in the absence of shoulder pads is a bit challenging. In the absence of shoulder pads, you will be unsuccessful in breaking hits and making tackles. Besides, you may even get serious injuries if you play without adequate protection. Also, an older pad will expose you to different risks and thus you need to buy a new pad from this Best youth football shoulder pads reviews.

Shoulder pads are useful products that different football players need to have. For you to purchase reliable shoulder pads, have a look at these Best youth football shoulder pads review. In this review, you will get exposed to the ten best rated youth shoulder pads in the market.


List of 10 Best Youth Football Shoulder Pads Reviews

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1. JPK Riddell Plus Shoulder Pads

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Welcome to these well-known youth quarterback pads, which are coming from an iconic soccer company. In case you have adequate money to buy high-quality shoulder pads, these best youth shoulder pads for quarterbacks are your solution. Again, even while you are not rich, you have to offer yourself ultimate comfort and protection.

Besides, this pad has Riddell RipKord technology that allows easier access to athletes if an injury occurs. Thus, you need to include this whole package of youth quarterback pads in the riveted backplate, swivel fronts, and air management system.

Furthermore, the manufacture of this top rated youth shoulder pads have included different technologies in varying construction aspects for better performance. Again, liner system will also impact constant energy to give maximum protection.


  • Has linear system.
  • Utilizes the latest technology.
  • Breathable.
  • Made of resistant stainless steel.
  • Durable and string.
Pros Cons
  • One-year warranty
  • Breathable
  • Made of stainless steel
  • RipKord technology for easy access to an injured athlete
  • A bit pricey

2. Schutt XV HD Football Shoulder Pads

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Generally, these Best youth football shoulder pads reviews have been searched to have a lightweight pad and also maintain quality standards. Besides, they contain corrugations which offer great airflow and strength.

Additionally, it’s high-performance arch will help you in minimization of weight. Again, the other major key to this product is comfortable, durable, and lightweight nature. Also, they come with vent 7mm holes, EVA foam, and drilled holes to help in the accessory attachment.

Furthermore, these youth shoulder pad reviews contain long cut that will help you accommodate different athletes who are playing in different positions. Again, people who have reviewed these best rated youth shoulder pads have agreed they are well made and comfortable.


  • Long cuts accommodates all athletes.
  • Vent has EVA foam and 7mm holes.
  • Durable and comfortable pad.
  • Pad offers high performance.
  • Supports high levels of airflow.
Pros Cons
  • High-density foam
  • Lightweight and strong
  • High-performance arch
  • Multi-purpose
  • A bit bulky

3. Schutt Sports 4.0 FLEX Football Shoulder Pads

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In case you are looking for top rated youth shoulder pads that may be used by both the youth and adults, this product is your best solution. Also, it has been constructed, putting versatility in mind. While using it, you will realize it is best for all positions’ needs and all players on the soccer field.

Generally, it is proud to contain all-density padding, making it comfortable for usage and making one protected while playing.  This way, the Best Snow Sled for Toddlers are also combining with breathable mesh and ventilation holes.

Besides, with these different features, comfort is a guarantee. That not all, the adjustable product system will also impress you. You will attach it to varying arches by using three points. Also, two points are of arch’s back and are promoting best youth shoulder pads for quarterbacks snug fit.


  • Contains different arches.
  • Simple to adjust.
  • Has ventilation holes.
  • High density and comfortable.
  • Versatile pad.
Pros Cons
  • Prevents growth of mold and bacteria
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Adjustable system
  • Versatile
  • Issues in sizing

4. Schutt 02 Maxx Sports Varsity Shoulder Pads

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Do you wish to invest in ideal soccer shoulder pads? You can buy this product in the market today and offer yourself adequate protection. Another thing, in 2020, this is one of the best products you may even think of purchasing.

On top of that, it comes with high-grade padding protection, which is offering extra protection to different heavy-hitting players. Again, these best rated youth shoulder pads are also equipped using AiR Maxx padding, which is placed strategically in shoulders to allow impact absorption.

Something else, the items energy lock technology will offer the soccer youth quarterback youth quarterback pads soft, lightweight, and smooth construction, which you will love always. Also, the vent holes are also facilitating the best airflow and also minimizes heat accumulation.


  • Vent holes supports heat accumulation.
  • Smooth and soft construction.
  • Versatile.
  • Breathable to reduce waste.
  • Well constructed pad.
Pros Cons
  • TPU Air Maxx padding
  • Great technology
  • Ventilated arches
  • Comfortable
  • None

5. Youper Kids Halloween Costume Shoulder Pads

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Here are youth shoulder pad reviews with best pads for costumes use. These pads are not for use in soccer, or other soccer plays. Besides being best for costumes, they are also used with Youper uniforms. You will surely get to loves their authentic feel and love. The shoulder pads may also be treated as costume play or dress-up cords. You will thus acquire a realistic look that is used with Halloween uniform costume. Buy this product from these Best youth football shoulder pads reviews today for a comfort fit.

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Their foam is environmentally friendly and is wrapped with a polyester cloth to allow for better durability. Besides, the plastic pads have a great and strong appearance. In case you are looking for a product which is perfect for kids, here is your solution. The YS size is best for kids aged 4-7 years. Besides, the YL size is best for kids who are aged 7-11 years.


  • Best for 4-7 years kids.
  • Offers high levels of safety.
  • Strong and great plastic.
  • Costume dress-up and play cords.
  • Environmentally friendly foam.
Pros Cons
  • Comfortable fit
  • The authentic feel and look
  • Perfect for kids
  • Best for costumes
  • They at times dig into kids arms

6. Schutt (S1770) Youth Shoulder Pads

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The Schutt shoulder pads are protective gear that all soccer players need to have. It is also great for proactive footballer’s equipment, which enhances the field performance. With these best youth shoulder pads for quarterbacks, athletes will be protected from all kinds of collisions and hits while playing.

More also, the pad has been known for its lightweight and does not have extra weight to one’s shoulders. Since this product is versatile, it has different uses. The pad is offering versatile protection. There is great body length, which gives extra protection.

Pad has also been designed for use in different field positions. These youth shoulder pad reviews have breathable mesh, vent 7mm holes, and dual-density padding offers adequate airflow while in the field. The elastic belts are also adjustable to help one acquire a tight and perfect fit.


  • Adjustable elastic belts.
  • 7mm holes breathable mesh.
  • Pad gives great protection levels.
  • Lightweight pad.
  • Enhances overall performance.
Pros Cons
  • Versatile
  • Elastic belts are adjustable
  • Offers maximum airflow
  • Lightweight pad
  • A bit pricey

7. Riddell Youth Surge Shoulder Pad

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Each person is bound to start using this high-quality product. Another thing, the brand is featuring quality football equipment. Its best rated youth shoulder pads are making waves with different youth players. In case you are a top youth player, this is the brand for you.

Generally, it contains a fundamental style that is tested and tried countless times. Besides, the manufacturer has taken more time designing the pad in a way that it will be offering durability. Also, the plates are injection molded and thus hard enough to assist them in waving of the present bumps.

Additionally, top rated youth shoulder pads come with a low-profile design, which allows for easier maneuverability for comfortability and players. Also, the backplate is offering great blindside protection.


  • Blindside and great protection.
  • Low-profile pad design.
  • Injection molded plates.
  • Design process takes time.
  • Features quality equipment’s.
Pros Cons
  • PVC belt is adjustable
  • Flat design to give optimal comfortability
  • Has a variety of features which offers optimal comfort
  • Velvet collar for little chafing
  • Bulky at first

8. Youth Adams Football Shoulder Pad

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Adams ASP II is one of the reliable youth quarterback pads in the market. With that being said, the best youth shoulder pads for quarterbacks offer great coverage to different players regardless of the position they are occupying.

Also, they are made of 140 plastic gauge shells and a combination of closed and open stuffing cell foam. Mostly, the combo gives outstanding performance and impacts on its protection.

Therefore, you will enjoy comfort and safety while playing in the field. Its smooth epaulets will certainly offer you a low profile. Again, the pre-drilled holes will offer a toy jacket and a neck roll.


  • Holes are pre-drilled.
  • Low profile smooth epaulets.
  • Pad gives great safety and comfort.
  • Produces high levels of performance.
  • 140 plastic open and closed shells.
Pros Cons
  • Smooth epaulets
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Treated using the anti-microbial shield
  • Adjustable side straps
  • Average quality

9. USA 29 ADAMS Covered Shoulder Pad

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First, the spacer mesh fabric present on the bottom is moisture-wicking and thus offers ventilated moisture management. Also, it comes with a lightweight for easier movement.

Again, the lightweight nature ensures that this pad will not in any way affect your movements. Besides, the EVA foam has ½ inches and leather lace tabs, which are enhanced. Ordinarily, it’s unique as it comes with clips for an easier and faster attachment process of the item’s elastic straps.

Thus, it is time you make your order from youth shoulder pad reviews and be among the lucky people who have discovered this item’s uniqueness. Again, you will surely be impressed by its services.

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  • Faster and easier clips.
  • ½ inches EVA foam.
  • Lightweight.
  • Effective and has great protection levels.
  • Moisture-wicking and well ventilated product.
Pros Cons
  • Allows for well-ventilated moisture
  • Allows full use of one’s arms
  • Clips allow easier and faster attachment
  • Has lightweight
  • Very slim

10. Unlimited Sports Prospect Football Shoulder Pads

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The adult football players love using comfortable youth football quarterback shoulder pads, which are offering maximum protection. Here is an ideal pad for you, which has dual-density, breathable, and lightweight foam, which will soften impacts while playing. Also, they contain a flat design for ease and comfort while in motion. The other main feature of these well-made pads is the 2-in- 1 belt system, which prevents grab points for players. The vent 7mm holes are filtering air away from one’s body.

More also, the Best youth football shoulder pads reviews contain a universal design, which is making them ideal for all the field positions. Since this product has a flat design, you have surety of ease and motion and comfort.

Everyone desires to buy a pad, which will help in trapping heat, which leads to an excess build-up of sweat to cause fatigue. Prospect pro addresses this problem using built-in air channels, which helps keep best youth shoulder pads for quarterbacks cool at all times. Channels have also been built using the cushion to allow for airflow all over the body cushion.


  • Cushions simplifies overflow.
  • Built-in and quality channels.
  • Supports tapping of heat.
  • Flat and comfortable design.
  • Dual density pad.
Pros Cons
  • Vent 7mm holes
  • 2-in 1 belt system
  • Flat design for ease and comfort in motion
  • Dual-density to allow foam padding
  • None

Guide on Buying Youth Football Shoulder Pads


The Best youth football shoulder pads reviews that caters for pads design needs to be comfortable and also fit players regardless of on-field position. In case you are a player who is great at tackling and gets many hits, you will require added protection, particularly at the sternum and back. You will thus be protected fully as the shoulder pad will absorb all the impacts well. Also, padding should be average. Though more padding offers more protection, the pad becomes heavy and affects one’s performance. The corner position or wide receiver players requires great maneuverability. With maneuverability, there will be no need for players to worry about the possibility of getting obstructed by padding.

Fit and Size

Before buying top rated youth shoulder pads and Best Snow Sled for Toddlers for young kids, ensure you purchase one with the right fit and size to improve overall performance. There is a need to get the best size for your children. Though you may never get a shoulder pad which is covering different sizes, you will get some. Follow the measuring instructions which are indicated by brands on stores and websites. With the measurements, you will acquire the best shoulder pad.

Inner Padding

In the youth quarterback pads insides, you will see a foam that is used in padding. With this foam, the pads will absorb impact. Foam is normally combined with beads and is thus stronger and helps more impact to get absorbed. The beads are made using the gel.

While sticking on inner padding, you ought to consider the padding protection and length. Many pads offer maximum protection behind the given players. The child will require additional padding in a few instances. Top brands contain padding stretch on the plates and thus more effective for different shots.

Universal Pads

Universal pads are bought for use by the whole team. With these best youth shoulder pads for quarterbacks, you will certainly cover all positions.

However, it is challenging for youth quarterback pads to cover all positions since some contain less protection for impact.

You also need to consider having different shoulder pads for all positions. They will certainly make sure players are protected sufficiently.


In the football world, there are different brands to select from. All the other brands are offering varying designs and styles. It is only the top brands that survive. Also, the top brands are reliable and offer the best services.


Do you love playing football? If yes, you need to ensure you are always protected by playing soccer since it is a bit dangerous and exposes one to injuries.

The major thing to consider is a shoulder pad. Though different shoulder pads are present in the market, the products listed in this Best youth football shoulder pads reviews are effective and proven for different players.

The best recommended football shoulder pads in the market are JPK Riddell Plus Shoulder Pads. These pads are very strong and durable hence will serve the athletes for long time as possible