Top 10 Best Coconut Openers Reviews

Coconut water is tasty, refreshing, and rich in electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Coconut water is made from the liquid inside tender green coconuts. On the other hand, coconut milk is made from the water and the flesh of a mature coconut. Coconut water is a natural sports drink that can be used as a substitute for traditional Gatorade. Cracking a coconut can be quite tricky and even dangerous. We searched for the best coconut opener so we could find the quickest safest way to open them. We learned that coconut openers are usually tailored to different stages of coconut maturity. Young coconuts are usually green, have less meat, and are mostly filled with coconut water. As the coconut matures, the meat becomes stiffer, and the amount of water reduces. The precise tool you’ll need will depend on the coconut’s maturity and what you are extracting from it. Here, let’s delve into the top 10 best coconut openers to may consider.

List of Top 10 Best Coconut Openers Reviews

1. The FANATU Coconut Opener Tool Kit

FANATU Coconut Opener Tool Set for Young Coconuts – Super Safe &...
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The FANATU Opener is simply the best fresh coconut opener. The kit comes with an opening tool and hammer. It’s designed to make a neat large hole in your coconut. This opener makes it possible to get pure coconut water with no husk in it. You will be able to pour out the water and remove the coconut meat easily. This kit combines affordability and trailblazing efficiency.

The opening tool features a soft handle and a firm grip. The mallet has a high-quality rubber head with a strong handle.

Essentially, this means you won’t have to struggle to open your coconuts. It is incredibly easy to use. Place the hollow tool against the top of the coconut and gently pound it with the mallet. It creates a decent-sized opening that allows you to scoop out the meat effortlessly. It is exceptionally durable and well-constructed. Its durability pushes it ahead of the pack as similar designs can be found in other products. It is a product that can outlive its competition without sacrificing comfort or functionality. However, one cannot easily open mature coconuts with it.

2. The KINGLEV Coconut Opener Tools

Coconut Opener Tools with Hammer Super Safe & Easy to Open Young...
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This set deserves mention due to its ability to open both young and mature coconuts alike. The tools are food-grade durable, making them safe to use. The opener is sharp and requires a great deal of care when opening the coconut. The handle is shock absorbent and non-slip. This allows for a firmer grip ensuring that you quickly open up your coconuts. This set also comes with a rubber hammer that is non-toxic. Its made from strong, durable materials that guarantee you can use the tools for longer.

Unlike the FANATU kit, the KINGLEV creates smaller openings. You would have to widen the hole to scoop the meat out.

3. The MEANT2TOBE Coconut Opener Kit

Coconut Opener| Coconut Opener Kit with Hammer Stainless Steel Opening...
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This opener’s selling point is that it comes as a complete set with seven pieces. The set has a stainless steel opener, a curved knife, a wooden hammer, a spoon, drinking straws, and a carry bag. The handle sits comfortably in hand and appears to be quite sturdy. It works best with young green coconuts. It is dishwasher safe and is guaranteed to never rust or dull. The Kinglev opener excelled in ease of use, once you’ve figured out how to use it. It does require you to open slice off part of the husk with the knife as the opening tool is not very sharp.

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The best thing about this kit is that it comes with reusable metal straws. It is a small but significant way to be more eco-conscious and reduce plastic waste.

The only drawback of the product is that you have to use the knife to slice off part of the husk. It would be better if the opening tool were sharp as this would eliminate the need for the blade.

4. The MEANT2TOBE Coconut Opener Set (11 pcs)

Coconut Opener| Coconut Opener Kit with Hammer Stainless Steel Opening...
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This set is well worth your money, and you probably won’t regret buying it. The products are well designed and durable. This product comes with four additional pieces, including a core hole tool, a T-drill hand tool, and a peeler. It comes with everything you could need to cut open your coconuts.

The let down with this set is that it did not come with instructions. The products, therefore, come with a learning curve. It isn’t easy to figure what each tool is for especially considering that they are so many. The set is perhaps more suited to professional settings such as bars or restaurants.

5. The KUNKETECH Coconut Tool Set

Coconut Opener Tool Set for Young Coconut,Food Grade Stainless Steel...
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This toolset is tailored to open young coconuts and is relatively easy to use. It’s almost impossible to injure yourself with this kit. Its handle is also shock absorbent. It does require you to peel the coconut to create a hole with the tool. The product is also relatively affordable. It may just be a hammer and an opening tool, but it is ergonomically designed. It can be used by anyone, even those with weak hands.

However, it only seems to work on the youngest of coconuts. The opener is not sharp enough to cut through even slightly mature coconuts. Neither the hammer nor the opener seems to be as durable as other products on this list.

6. The Stord Coconut Opener

Stord Coconut Opener for Fresh Green Young Coconut Water - Works With...
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The Stord Opener works excellent for green husk coconuts and white Thai coconuts. It does not require any strength on your part, and you don’t have to swing a hammer to use it. The tool is also surprisingly easy to use. It is simply the most efficient tool to open up young coconuts. It even works on unhusked coconuts. The instructions insist that you should peel the coconuts. Following the instructions ensures that you get to use this product for as long as possible

The downside is that you cannot fully open up the coconut with it. You’ll need other tools if you want to scrape the meat out. The Stord Opener does not seem durable. One has to take care not to break the handle. The product description does not offer any information as to whether the product is made of stainless steel or not. Hence, we cannot guarantee that it is not vulnerable to rust.

7. Ken’s CocoMon Coconut Opener Tool

2 qty - Ken's CocoMon Coconut Opener Tool for Fresh GREEN Young Fruit...
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The CocoMon Coconut Opener is very similar in design to the Stord Opener. It is specifically designed to be used on young green coconuts. It does not work for white Thai or mature coconuts. The material is food-grade stainless steel, and its handle is comfortable and made of rubber. This coconut cutter tool is straightforward to use. It works in pretty much the same manner as a wine corkscrew. All you have to do is push it into the coconut and twist. You can pour out the coconut water into a glass or use a straw. As such, it makes drinking out of a coconut much easier and faster. Apart from offering excellent performance, this tool is ergonomically designed. The EZ grip handle is designed to be comfortable to use and is just the right size. The quality of the material is good and offers great value for money.

The only disadvantage we could find is that it cannot work on more mature coconuts. This would require too much force that would ruin the tool.

8. Ken’s CocoMon Opener with Stainless Steel Straws

Ken's CocoMon Coconut Opener Tool + Stainless Straw for Fresh GREEN...
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This product is a stainless steel coconut opener best suited for young green coconuts. It comes with a set of stainless steel straws that are great for the environment. The straws are sturdy and can be reused over and over again. Its blade is twisted into the flower-like part of coconut to make a small hole. This product would be a great addition to any kitchen. This tool worked every time. The instructions are clear and to the point. The fact that it comes with stainless steel straws is a plus. However, the one drawback is that it cannot pierce through the thick husk of mature coconuts.

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9. CocoDrill Young Coconut Opening Tool

CocoDrill Young Coconut Opening Tool -(Punch Tap) Knife Opener for Raw...
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The drilling opening tool is very easy to use and is made of stainless steel and rigid plastic. The tool is not challenging to use at all. You push and twist it into the coconut to make a small hole. The husk you cut through is left inside the CocoDrill, making it possible to get pure coconut water without any husk in it. As its name suggests, one can only use it on the youngest of coconuts. The handle is large and easy to operate. It makes a hole large enough to fit any size straw.

The quality and durability of this product is an issue and the fact that it has plastic parts. The handle is uncomfortable, and it feels like it could break with extended use. The metal part could just as easily come loose. The handle is too large to be comfortably used by those with smaller hands

10. UPKOCH Coconut Meat Remover

UPKOCH 1PC Coconut Tool Coconut Meat Remover Durable Wooden Handle...
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The UPKOCH knife allows you to hack through the coconut shell or cut a hole wide enough to stick a straw in. The blade is sharp enough to cut through the husk in one go. It has a sturdy, comfortable grip allowing you to get a proper hold of the knife. As a result, it feels safe to use. The blade is made from durable materials and hence will serve you for years to come. The edge works well as a scraper. It makes it so easy to scoop the meat out even from mature coconuts. The downside is that the knife can only be used on young coconuts. It is ineffective on harder older coconuts and requires repeated hacking to crack them.

Buying Guide: How to choose the best coconut opener?

There are plenty of different coconut opener tools available in the market. Buying a coconut opener that is right for you is not an easy task. You want a tool that is functional and pleasant to use. Hopefully, one that will last for years as well. But how do you choose a coconut cutter tool that works? On what features do you concentrate, among so many options? The following is a guide that explains how to select a gadget that satisfies your needs. Some requirements are must-haves, while the rest are simply nice to have. Essentially, a coconut cutter must be:

  • Able to open a coconut. This is a simple requirement that a lot of tools in the market do not meet.
  • Easy and fast to use
  • It is best to find a tool that comes with a good warranty. Some manufacturers offer a 100% money-back guarantee, which eliminates any loss on your part.

Additionally, the tool should be well made. It should not have a flimsy feel to it and should be rust-resistant. The best kitchen devices are made of stainless steel. The product should be easy to maintain and preferably dishwasher-safe. One that works well on both young and mature coconuts would be a plus.

Tools for opening coconuts are relatively affordable. There are a lot of devices that satisfy these requirements and are under $15. Hence, a product’s durability and functionality are the two main things to consider when choosing a tool to open coconut. Functionality can be determined by the grip, strength, sharpness, and design of the product. Ultimately, the best kitchen products are multipurpose, and the best coconut tool kit should include a mechanism for removing the coconut meat. Online reviews are a great way to determine whether a product is worth buying or not.


The classic FANATU coconut opener is our favorite and will be the best choice for most people. Its design is both straightforward and efficient, leaving little room for error. Whatever type of the best coconut opener you choose, make sure it’s one you are comfortable using. Using an opener that requires a lot of effort or hammering can lead to hand discomfort or pain. The best appliances are those that make things easier.

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