Top 10 Best Buy Laser Printer Reviews

There are hundreds of different best buy color laser printer brands that are present in the market. Besides, the Brother inkjet printers are among the best printers that you will end up finding. Again, while looking for inkjet portable laser printer which is versatile for use in small business and at the home office, you will get a solution here. Besides, Brother inkjet best buy laser printer are combining accessibility, versatility, and quality altogether. These brother compact monochrome laser printer are durable.

In this review, you will surely get your preferred best buy brother laser printer model. Therefore, read through and use the guide to assist you in making the ideal choice.


List of Top 10 Best Buy Laser Printer Reviews

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1. Brother MFC-L8610CDW Color Laser Printer

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First, the best buy brother laser printer has the capacity of scanning the two-sided documents using an automatic 70-sheet document feeder. Besides, MFC-L861CDW only can support single-sided scanning. Thus, it is a good fit for use on medium-duty in the home office. Besides, you may use it for low or medium printing while working in a small office.

Additionally, many people love using it since it can connect to the PC through the use of a USB cable or even to the local network through Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Besides, it will also end up connecting using peer to peer connecting. Again, you will also connect it to the compatible device through a direct connection to the Wi-Fi. It supports Google Cloud Printing since it is working with the iPrint$Scan app and the Cortado workplace.

Basically, the fact that it is Mopria-compliant and Air-print compliant will help you in facilitating printing using the IOS to the Android devices.


  • Air-print and Mopria-compliant print.
  • Help in Google Cloud Cortado Printing.
  • Help in connection of USB through USB cables.
  • Comaptible with Wi-Fi.
  • Good fit and single sided product.
Pros Cons
  • PostScript and PCL drivers
  • It is including Document management software called Nuance PaperPort SE
  • USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi direct and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Durable
  • It is not supporting two-sided and automatic scanning.

2. Brother HL-L8360CDW Business Color Laser Printer

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Ordinarily, the HL-L8360CDW is giving few additional functions, greater security, lower running costs, high-yield toner cartridges, heavy-duty cycle, twice memory, and high expandability. Besides, it is known for printing well and at a fast clip. With a little amount of money, you will end up buying this best buy laser printer.

Additionally, it will end up adding more value to your life. It has white sides while the top is black. Besides, it measures 12.3 b 17.4 and by 19.1 inches. Thus, it weighs 48.1 pounds, which implies it is an inch shorter and ounces lighter compared to other printers.

You will print at a fast rate since this product can print 33 pages for every minute both for the color pages and for the brother compact monochrome laser printer.


  • Fast rate 33 pages print.
  • Light with 48.1 weight pounds.
  • Adds value to ones overlal life.
  • Affordable and spends less amount of money.
  • HL-L8360CDW with additional fucntions.
Pros Cons
  • Latest security features
  • High yielding toner cartridges
  • The paper capacity is highly expandable
  • Quick printing speeds
  • The photo quality is slightly below average.

3. Brother MFC-L3750CDW All-in-One Digital Color Printer

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Generally, the Brother MFC-L3750CDW delivers reliable fax, scan, copy and print for use in the small offices and busy homes. Thus, it is high time you invest in a best buy brother laser printer that will help you save time as a result of its fast print speeds to even 25ppm. Besides, the document feeder can print 50 sheets with a multi-page color, fax, and scan up to even 250 sheets for the fewer refills.

Additionally, it offers versatile connection options and mobile device wireless print. Again, you will thus end up creating customer shortcuts uses the 3.7 inches’ color touchscreen, scan-to, and print-from popular cloud apps.

Additionally, it is high time you start enjoying the vivid and rich color prints, which will give you a last impression.


  • Gives vivid and rich color options.
  • 3.7 inches’ color customer shortcuts touchscreen.
  • Wireless and versatile connection.
  • Multi-page with 50 sheets.
  • Laser print works fast.
Pros Cons
  • Flexible paper handling
  • Large color touchscreen
  • Quality color documents
  • Has up to even 50-sheet auto document feeder
  • Expensive

4. Brother HL-L3290CDW Digital Color Compact Printer

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First, the brother wireless laser printer has always been behemoths uses more space both in the worktop and in the office. Besides, this best buy laser printer doesn’t use the traditional laser apparatus for directions and instructions. Additionally, it utilizes the LED arrays that are less costly and smaller compared to laser counterparts.

Therefore, this is less expensive, lighter, and lower to assist you in the manufacturing of machines. Besides, the LED-based best buy color laser printer are a widely known place though they will end up behaving like laser-based machines.

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In case you are following the recent trends, the latest models will be running at a similar price and size like the different traditional laser counterparts.


  • Runs similar prices and sizes.
  • Lase based machines.
  • Lower, lower and expensive.
  •  LED arrays utilizes counterparts.
  • Comes with high quality instructions.
Pros Cons
  • Great mobile support
  • Excellent printing quality
  • Fast orienting speeds
  • Durable
  • Lacks ADF

5. HP Laserjet M148dw Pro Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer

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Generally, here are LaserJet Pro and entry-level based areas. Besides, with this printer, you will have a guarantee of keeping all things moving in the office. Again, it has a brother compact monochrome laser printer that has been designed for use in workgroups, small offices, and home high printing speed of up to even 30 pages for each minute. Thus, it is high time you reduce your paper expenses as this printer can print one paper on the two sides.

Additionally, you can access this wireless best buy color laser printer from all places. Besides, by use of wireless or built-in Ethernet capabilities, you will freely print from your office. Besides, direct Wi-Fi will allow mobile printing without necessarily using a network.

Typically, HP smart app will enable scanwhile on the go by the use of a smartphone camera. Thus, ensure you start printing using voice commands through the connection of virtual assistant to the HP brother wireless laser printer.


  • Has connection voice commands.
  • HP app simplifies the scan process.
  • Support wireless access of printer.
  • Compact and durable product.
Pros Cons
  • Has an automatic document feeder
  • Inexpensive
  • Good text quality
  • Fast
  • High running costs

6. HP Color M479fdn LaserJet Pro Laser Printer

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Typically, the brother wireless laser printer has been built to keep the business moving forward by fax, copy, scan and print with the high-quality documents. Besides, the color laser printer has been defined to help people focus on the growth of the business.

Additionally, the security embedded features, such as optimal Pull/PIN print and instant threat notifications, help the best buy brother laser printer work better. Thus, it will assist you to protect a color laser printer to be the entry point to attack and assist you in ensuring sensitive data.

Basically, it is high time you ensure you are automating the complicated workflows. Again, it will assist you save time through automation of steps using complicated workflow. Thus, you will apply the saved settings with a button touch through the control panel and customizable touchscreen.


  • Has unique saved settings.
  • Comes with automation steps.
  • Unique entry point and great protection.
  • Embedded security features.
  • Helps in business growth.
Pros Cons
  • Fast printing speed
  • High cost for each unit
  • The cartridge system is outstanding
  • Durable
  • No Bluetooth support

7. HP Color M454dw LaserJet Pro Wireless Laser Printer

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Are you on the look for a brother wireless laser printer that will assist you take your business forward? Besides, the LaserJet Pro HP color M454dw keeps up with the way you work, collaborate, and get things done.

Basically, since the item has fast print speeds, wireless network capabilities, and best-in-class security, you guarantee quality services. Besides, the color and wireless best buy color laser printer have been designed with the environment in mind.

Additionally, the brother wireless laser printer is thus saving to even 11% over the different products without compromise on productivity. Thus, you will save  on the prior, and therefore, you will save the paper with the default and paper save mode.


  • Paper saving and default mode.
  • Compromises overall productivity.
  • Wireless and color printer.
  • Wireless capabilities and print speeds.
  • Gives high levels of collaborations.
Pros Cons
  • Fine print quality
  • Prints to even 26 pages in one minute
  • Setup is easy and fast
  • The compact device is multifunction
  • No automatic wake-up

8. Lexmark MC3326adwe Color Laser Printer

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The MC3326adwe’s paper capacity consist of a single-sheet override tray and a 250-feet drawer. The compact best buy brother laser printer has a multifunction color to fit anywhere with the aim of print, scan, fax, and copy with a tray capacity of up to 250 pages and a single-sheet feeder.

Since this portable laser printer is wireless, the set up process is fast and easy. Its standard Wi-Fi makes the print process from mobile devices more straightforward. The Ethernet and USB connectivity in the Mobile will play a significant role to support through Google cloud print, Air print, Morea, and Lexmark mobile print app.

Always look at the security of portable printer best buy before you make your order. This product comes with Lexmark’s security architecture that will play a significant role to keep information safe.


  • Significant security architecture.
  • Portable and security product.
  • USB and Ethernet productivity.
  • Portable, easy and fast.
  • Single sheet with 250 sheet tray.
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Pros Cons
  • Supports the USB thumb drives
  • High-quality maximum duty cycle
  • High-quality print
  • Quite fast
  • Quite expensive to use

9. Brother HLL2390DW Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

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Are you looking for a portable laser printer for use in home offices? Besides, the Brother HLL2390DW is the best product to purchase since it has been infused to help in high-quality productivity. Again, the flatbed scan glass will play a significant role in convenience complying. Additionally, the brother compact monochrome laser printer has been engineered towards scanning directly from different mobile devices. Besides, it is high time you ensure you are printing more documents while waiting for less period.

Additionally, the brother compact monochrome laser printer 250 sheet paper will assist you in improving office efficiency by the use of fewer refills. Besides, the HLL2390DW is handling letter-sized paper and legal papers.

Furthermore, the flexibility of this item is a guarantee since it can print multiple sized papers, card stocks, and envelops. Besides, it’s manual feed slot will assist you in creating high resolution with professional-looking documents.


  • Manual feed high resolution slot.
  • Multiple-sized flexible papers.
  • Monochrome to improve the overall efficiency.
  • Help in printing of documents in a short time.
  • Well engineered to support scanning.
Pros Cons
  • Excellent text quality
  • Low price
  • Light and small
  • Fast printing speeds
  • Lacks Ethernet support

10. Brother Monochrome DCPL2550DW Laser Printer

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The DCP L2550DW best buy color laser printer is the best choice for a small office and a busy home. Besides, the improved and new multiple user copier is including a 50 sheet and an automatic document feeder. Additionally, it allows scan and multi-page copying with class print and lead speed to even 36 pages every minute to increase efficiency.

Additionally, this copier and best buy laser printer is a Wi-Fi and reliable connection that allows print with wireless devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, and desktops.

Generally, for people who prefer the use of hardware connections, the Ethernet interface will assist you share with a variety of users on the network. Thus, you will connect to the single computer through the USB interface.


  • Ethernet network interface.
  • Help in connection of interfaces.
  • Reliable and Wi-Fi copier.
  • New multiple and improved user.
  • Reliable to handle different tasks.
Pros Cons
  • Competitive running costs
  • 50 sheet ADF
  • The paper capacity has a good standard
  • USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • No fax capabilities

Guide on the Purchase of a Printer

Many people are not printing documents daily. When people require the completion of a printing task, you will need your best buy laser printer to have a tip-top shape and the capacity to handle jobs without any form of issues or worries. Printing ought to be a stress-free and comfortable experience. The process will require you to read the instructions manual carefully. With the newer printers and modern technology, it has become a reality for most of the people.

The significant factors to consider in the purchase of a portable laser printer are including:

Desk Size

Desk size is among the vital aspects that are worth putting into consideration while buying a printer. Large best roll up secretary desk is likely to be more accommodating and provide you with better flexibility while determining the printer that is best to purchase. The smaller desks are more limited regarding printer options.


Some brother wireless laser printer are noisier than others. In case you get annoyed by the noise produced by printers, you should consider buying a quieter best portable printer. The printer will give you ample time while carrying out your daily activities.


The best portable printer durability is among the essential things that are worth considering. Computers are requiring a change in part replacements and ink cartridges after a short while. On the other hand, some printers are likely to end up lasting for a long time without worrying about the order of spare parts or replacement of anything. It is a wise choice for you to choose a printer regarding its durability.


Do not hesitate to make your order on the purchase of these Brother printers. All the picks are printers that are well established. They have a convenient and sturdy construction since they are durable. When you buy one of these best buy laser printer, you have a guarantee of high-quality services.

The best recommended laser printer in the market is Brother MFC-L8610CDW Color Laser Printer. It supports Google Cloud Printing since it is working with the iPrint$Scan app and the Cortado workplace.