Top 10 Best Soft Bath Towels Reviews

Nothing better than wrapping in a comfortable towel after leaving the bath or shower. At Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab, we evaluate 40 styles of best soft bath towels for absorption, drying time, washability, fabric resistance, etc. Then, the real cheap bath towel sets assessors evaluated the softness and feel of the fabrics. According to our tests, the best bath towel to buy is the Hydro cotton quick-drying bath towel from Pottery Barn. He obtained the highest overall score in our test and distinguished himself by cotton love with super softness and ultra-absorption.

But the purchase of bath towels is also primarily based on personal preferences as seen in these soft towels reviews. If you want a super soft and ultra-absorbent towel, look for 100% cotton with dense and fluffy threads on the surface. Soft curls help the cheap bath towel sets feel soft and absorb water, but it may take longer to dry and may show more wear from washing. These are the best towel sets in 2020.


List of Top 10 Best Soft Bath Towels Reviews

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1- Pottery Barn Hydro cotton Quick-Drying Bath Towel:

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Are you on a search for unique cheap bath towel sets? Here are Turkish cotton towels which are worth buying. The bath irems are measuring 27×54 inches. They do not use any form of harmful dyes, while the hems are double stitched professionally to increase durability.

Also, the long bath can fluff nicely after the first washing. Thus, they are perfect best towel sets for hotels, spa, bath, shower, pool, beach, and the gym.

The item can also perform the body and mind wonders in recovering and relaxing after a busy day. In the course of enjoying comfortable spa luxury, you will relax fully, and thus, you will appreciate having considered the purchase of these cotton love towels.


  • Full spa luxury.
  • Performs wonders to mind and body.
  • Great for spa and hotel use.
  • Professional and stitched harmful dyes.
  • T 27×54 inches unique.
Pros Cons
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Fluffier and softer
  • No harmful chemicals and dyes
  • Double-stitched
  • A bit expensive

2- Southern Tide Performance 5.0 Bath Towel:

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It is the desire of every person to buy the best soft bath towels which is made using 100% cotton. If this is the case for you, you will find the best hand towel with these qualities is the Amazon Basic towel. Besides, you have a guarantee of its tear-resistant and incredible softness. Also, the hand best soft bath towels have lightweight and absorb moisture in a very short time.

The cotton love towels design consists of a classic and straightforward pique border. When it comes to fading, you will find they are resistant to fading and thus retain their quality color at all times. Thus, towel sets are offering fluffy softness and lightweight.

They also absorb water with ease, and thus you have surety of fast results and ultimate comfort in the course of drying the face and hands.


  • Eases water absorption process.
  • Fluffy lightweight and softness.
  • Resists fading.
  • Lightweight to help in water absorbent.
  • Consist of 100% cotton.
Pros Cons
  • Easy to cade
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Average quality

3- Everplush Diamond Jacquard Bath Set:

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It is time you ensure you get to experience the microfiber super soft feeling. Besides, these will dry your skin with ease without bulk or heft. Contrary to traditional , all you require is patting yourself, and the will wipe you well. Also, the dual pile consists of one-sided short fiber and even one-sided long fiber thus lasts long similar to Best Magnetic Ironing Mats.

With this cheap bath towel sets, you will dry gentler and faster compared to traditional fibers. When you hang after use, they will dry fast and will, as a result, avoid the formation of odors and mildew.

Additionally, their size is enormous as it consists of 30 in and 57 in and helps inadequate drying using stylish satin trim. Also, it comes with a lightweight and can get a compact size when folded. As a result, you will use them in the gym, camping, pool, travel, home, and other places.


  • Great for all areas use.
  • Comes in 57in and 30in size.
  • Compact size and lightweight.
  • Prevents formation of mildew and odor.
  • Faster and gentler fibers.
Pros Cons
  • Dries quickly
  • Offers a super soft feeling
  • Compact size
  • Have a lightweight
  • Poor water absorbent capacity

4- RH Ultra-Soft Turkish Bath Towel:

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You will find the Turkish cotton towels add elegance to all people’s homes, dorm & SPS, hotel, and décor. In fact, these cheap bath towel sets have lightweight, and you will, as a result, absorb all moisture. Besides, the body will acquire a delicate touch because of the excellent price and the extra soft nature, which gives the bathroom a perfect and elegant look.

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To avoid the bleaching or spotting, there is a need to avoid any contact with all kinds of skincare products. Again, when you clean the item in the laundry, they will retain their new look at all times.

Additionally, while selecting the best towel to buy, you will certainly settle for this because of its beautiful stitches and layers. Again, these products have been double stitched along the layers and lengths and can hold excellently even after multiple washers.


  • Double lengths and layers stitch.
  • Comes in beautiful layers and stitches.
  • Consist of beautiful colors.
  • Lightweight to help in moisture absorbent.
  • Adds décor and elegance.
Pros Cons
  • Quality softness
  • Absorbs water with ease
  • Double-edge stitch
  • Minimizes bleaching and spotting
  • Average quality

5- Rib Hydro cotton :

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These are best soft bath towels that have been designed using Turkish styles and can dry in a short time. Beside, the staple cotton is extra-long and is, as a result, enhancing its hand feel. Therefore, you will thus relax and also feel similar to a 5-star hotel. Its zero-twist plays a significant role in making it bulky, soft, and open. Again, it’s stitching consists of the double hem and is thus keeping side hems in touch and prevent them from becoming loose at any time.

Additionally, it is time you make your order and be among the lucky people experiencing the softness and warmth of these cotton love towels. Thus, you will be wrapping yourself and the family using these long-lasting and premium sets.

Again, there is the necessity of washing the item before the first use to become softer and fluffier after every wash. Also, maintain it by ensuring you are never using fabric softeners or bleach.


  • Easy to maintain.
  • Significant zero-twist soft.
  • Fluffier and softer.
  • Premium and long lasting product.
  • Double hem overall stitch.
Pros Cons
  • Luxurious softness
  • Offers adequate warmth
  • Has little twist
  • Dries fast
  • None

6- Lacoste Court Bath Towel:

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Its absorbent and its plush nature determine the quality of a towel. It is high time you considering pampering yourself using these large and ultra-soft . Besides, it contains extra plush and heavy fabric whose primary role is adding on the best soft bath towels comfort and softness. Besides, they are luxurious and elegant with optical and bright colors.

Its ribbed and jacquard style will offer elegance and class to all rooms. Another thing, these long bath towels have a high quality and help in excellent absorbency. Besides, their hem is double stitched and is thus avoiding fraying to add to their durability and longevity.

Also, it is safe and eco-friendly and offers a soft and pure touch to one’s skin. Additionally, the quality item contain premium quality and have no chemicals. They are thus safe for guests, children, and babies.


  • Premium and quality product.
  • Soft and pure touch.
  • Longevity and durability product.
  • Jacquard and ribbed overall style.
  • Heavy fabric and extra plush.
Pros Cons
  • High-quality product
  • Luxurious and elegant
  • Safe and eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Quite expensive

7- Parachute Waffle Bath :

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Are you on the search for affordable product that do not compromise on their quality? Besides, the best soft bath towels with these qualities are here. Again, they have been designed to help them absorb liquid compared to ordinary product and dry entirely and quickly. Also, they are super soft as the cotton love towels are super soft when it touches one’s skin.

They are also clean and are adding a modern look to the home and especially in the bedroom. Even, you will care for them with ease since they are long-lasting and machine washable. Generally, while washed for the first time, you will find the product fluffing right at their back.

When it comes to water absorption, these best towel sets can absorb more water than ordinary wiper. Therefore, you will dry in a short while and save on the time you would save while drying using a traditional towel.


  • Dries within a short time.
  • Great water absorption capacity.
  • Fluffy and high quality item.
  • Modern look and clean product.
  • Help in liquids absorbent.
Pros Cons
  • Easy to care
  • Super soft
  • Dries quickly
  • Machine washable
  • Questionable quality

8- Boll & Branch Bath Towel:

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It is the desire of every person to get an extra smooth towel. These tools have been twisted slightly while the bamboo yarn has been perfectly loomed using 600 grams on every square meter. They are also featuring a special softener that results in finer and softer hand for excellent comfort.

This cotton love towels set has been well optimized for the sake of plushness and extra softness. They are the right since they are not too thick but are the right for every person to use.

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These best soft bath towels should be washed before they are cleaned so that they may acquire their soft nature. You will undoubtedly appreciate using them and will have the assurance of their quality services and comfortable nature at all times in the course of their use.


  • Comfortable and high quality product..
  • Easy soft to wash products.
  • Retains it’s thickness for years.
  • Well optimized extra softness with plushness.
  • Slightly twisted product.
Pros Cons
  • Extra-smooth
  • Durable
  • Soft
  • Offers adequate comfort
  • Expensive

9- Best Stain Resistant : LC Lauren Conrad Bath Towel:

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The main reason why people look towards upgrading their wiper is that they aim at getting quality cotton love towels such as the ones in this soft towels reviews. These items are made using organic cotton, which is certified and produced using quality agricultural standards. Their production is sustaining people, ecosystems, and soils through a natural process rather than artificial inputs.

Also, the products are loomed, especially using organic fibers giving ultimate performance and loft. They are also durable and much softer compared to the standard cotton. This organic cotton elevates the product drying process and helps the long bath towels dry more quickly and, as a result, ends up becoming a family favorite.

You will find the towels containing a certification system that ensures that all textiles are meeting high environmental standards and increased safety. best soft bath towels are the best soft bath towels that you can find on the market. You can see its features as bellow:


  • Increased safety and certification system.
  • Organic cotton help in dry process elevation.
  • Softer and durable product.
  • Gives loft and ultimate performance.
  • Sustains all people needs.
Pros Cons
  • Best quality
  • Durable
  • Much softer
  • Consist of organic fibers
  • Loose threads

10- Most Durable : Cuddledown Trescott Bath Towel:

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The weight of a towel determines the towel’s performance and quality. This 600 grams’ towel can soak water very fast and thus help in its absorbency. As a result, you will feel refreshed after using these items. They contain the best quality as they are woven and have 100% cotton, improving the absorbency.

The product have also been made using the most extended and finest fibers, which ensure they are remarkable for their performance and luxury. They also have a higher GSM and will, therefore, never go unnoticed in the course of getting into the shower.

Additionally, the best soft bath and cheap bath towel sets contain different beautiful colors whose main aim is refining the hotel bathroom and all homes. Make your order today and be among the lucky people who are enjoying these ‘ excellent services.


  • Beautiful homes and bathroom colors.
  • High GSM shower.
  • Uses finest and longest fibers.
  • 100% cotton boosts absorbency.
  • Absorbency 600 grams’ product.
Pros Cons
  • Best quality
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to care
  • Inadequate quality

Guide on Purchase of Best Soft Bath 

Before the purchase of wipes, the main factors worth considering include size, weight, and materials. For longevity purposes, you also need to ensure there is proper care.


When buying wiping item, ensure you are selecting the item regarding their durability, absorbency, and level. Its company store is offering six kinds of materials and is also using varying comfort levels.


You will find that the fabric weight is usually measured using grams for a square meter or even the GSM. The number is referring to the towels set. Also, the GSM is varying from 300 to even 900 for the sake of cotton love towels. Also, they have lightweight and helps in quick drying time with their use.


You will find that many bath best towel sets collections give different sizes, fitting in one’s personal preference, budget, and even space.


When you take care of towels and best cotton bed sheets, you will undoubtedly extend their lifetime and extend the towels’ absorbency and softness. Therefore, clean the towels after a short while and thus ensure you increase their lifetime.


Every person feels comfortable while using best soft bath towels. The best towel will simplify your wiping process and ensure you remain comfortable due to its softness as seen in these soft towels reviews. You need to buy a towel from this list and have certainty of their quality services.

The best recommend towel set in the market is the Luxury Hotel Turkish Cotton Spa Bath Hotel. The bath towels are measuring 27×54 inches, which is enough to wrap one entirely and is thus highly ideal.