Top 10 Best 8-inch Full Range Speaker Reviews

There are times when one may look towards upgrading the stereo system but end up lacking adequate space. Also, the 8 inches’ subwoofers are not as powerful as the 15 inches and the 18 inches’ subwoofers. Besides, they work well in small vehicles like hatchbacks. Again, they are integrated well in tight spaces present under the sink and storage spare tire space. Adding to that, the 8 full range speaker come in a small design which ensures they are always airtight while the lightweight profile with 8-inches helps these subwoofers to end up reproducing high and accurate bass. Also, while housed in optimal enclosures, these 8 inch hertz full range speakers end up producing high-quality sound at all times. Besides, while searching for an 8-inch speaker with the ability to replace and complementing all the 8 inch full range speaker, this review will give you a solution.

Generally, this review entails the best speakers with the ability to fit in small spaces. Also, they are highly convenient as they produce high-quality sound and you will thus end up getting great entertainment. Thus, take your time and thoroughly go through this review before determining the full-range speaker that will best suit your needs.


 List of Top 10 Best 8-inch Full Range Speaker Reviews

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1. BOSS CXX8 Maximum Power Audio Systems Subwoofer

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To begin with, this cone is made of polypropylene which gives assurance of many years of high-quality services. Also, the full range 8 inch speaker are providing resilient services as their materials are highly durable and are thus offering great sounds because of the subwoofer’s long-lasting services.

Generally, their surrounding is made of rubber which is capable of enduring all forms of punishments without encountering any kind of damages. Indeed, it can complement the whole structure by ensuring there is constant abuse in the case where it is required.

Furthermore, its stamped basket plays a major role in absorbing and transferring a lot of the energy which is produced from the best full range speaker. Also, they are highly corrosion resistant with a great mechanical property to allow for electrical conductivity and high thermal services.


  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Stamped basket supports transfer of energy.
  • Supports whole structure complementation.
  • Made of durable rubber.
  • Materials offer resilient services.
Pros Cons
  • Long-lasting item
  • Made of durable materials
  • Maintains great strength
  • Transfers energy easily
  • Pricey

2. Visaton Full-Range BG20-8 Whizzer Cone 8” 8 Ohm Speaker

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First, have a look at these quality speakers whose weight entails 1300 grams. Generally, this implies they have high-quality bass which will serve you greatly and perfectly in the many years to come.

Something else, the impedance entails 8 Ohm and thus you are assured of reliable services at all times in the course of using these 8 inch full range speaker. Again, their output is highly combined and works perfectly because of the great and wide frequency levels which help them to work perfectly.

Typically, they get to work great at 1.05 cubic feet because there is an enclosure tuned at 42 Hx and you will thus result with great services. Also, these speakers are highly useful and work with 100V and 70V and they are distributed perfectly with the help of an optional transformer.


  • Uses 100V and 70V.
  • Enclosure tunes are 42 Hx.
  • Well combined output with high frequency levels.
  • 8 Ohm impedance levels.
  • Speaker produces high quality bass.
Pros Cons
  • Great frequency response
  • Optional transformer
  • Highly useful
  • Durable
  • Average sound

3. Skar Audio Dual 2 IX-8 300 Watt Car 8 Inch Full Range Speaker

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Generally, these subwoofers are highly responsive and powerful and they will thus offer you high-quality services at all times. Also, their IX series is making this subwoofer to be great for all-day use as they are engineered well to ensure they are reliable and highly efficient for all time use.

Again, the 8 full range speaker are featuring a single stack that is powerful with a ferrite magnet to improve the general services. Beside, the paper cone and competition-grade surrounding the foam give the best services that one may ever come across.

Again, these subwoofers are utilizing an airflow that is advanced with a cooling design and a copper voice with 2-inches and high temperatures. Finally, these subwoofers will serve you perfectly and are performing highly to ease the power levels.


  • Eases the overall power levels.
  • Copper voice has advanced airflow.
  • Competition-grade and paper cone surrounds the foam.
  • It has  a powerful single stack.
  • Well engineered IX series.
Pros Cons
  • Cool design
  • Performs greatly
  • Unique cooling design
  • High-frequency levels
  • Not good for small closures

4. Lanzar Non-Pressed Speaker-Black Subwoofer

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First and foremost, these subwoofers work perfectly with 800 watts and the peak power is highly reliable in the process of producing the best resonance sound. Again, their frequency entails of 60Hx while their impedance entails 4 Ohm.

Ordinarily, the foam edge allows for easy suspension because they are made of a foam edge that is specially treated to ensure the equipment is safe at all times. Also, the design utilizes a motor structure that is bump vented to allow for an easy installation process.

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Besides, the full range 8 inch speaker paper cone is non-pressed because the car sub-woofer is cleanly cut to boast a non-pressed and black paper cone. Thus, they will end up enhancing the varying car stereos through the production of high-quality audios and keeping equipment safely at all times


  • Enhances the overall car stereos.
  • Non-pressed and quality paper cone.
  • Motor structure and quality design.
  • Simple suspension foam edge.
  • Peak power uses 800 watts.
Pros Cons
  • Safe
  • Easy to install
  • Foam edge suspension
  • High sound resonance
  • Short lifespan

5. Lanzar Non-Pressed 8in 600 Watt Subwoofer Speaker

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To begin with, have a look at this high-quality best full range speaker whose watt power is 600 and are thus capable of producing the greatest sound resonance. Again, their stacked magnet has a heavy double structure with high-quality 4 Ohm impedance and input golden terminals.

Besides, the rubber suspension of 8 inch hertz full range speakers is wide and it entails rubber suspension which is non-fatigue to ensure the equipment is always safe. Again, the designing process is utilizing vented and bumped motor structures which simplify the installation process greatly.

Furthermore, their paper cone is non-pressed with the help of a clean-cut which is boasting a non-pressed and black paper cone. Thus, they will end up enhancing the car stereo through the production of high-quality audio while at the same time ensuring the equipment are always safe.


  • Enhances car stereo production.
  • Clean-cut and non-pressed paper cone.
  • Bumped and vented motor structures.
  • Wide rubber suspension.
  • Double structure stacked magnet.
Pros Cons
  • Non-pressed cone
  • Powerful audio
  • Equipment is safe
  • Wide rubber suspension
  • Questionable durability

6. Sound GW-8003/8 Goldwood 80hm 8 Inch Full Range Speaker

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Here is a full-range woofer with high-quality sound to produce high-quality services at all times. Generally, the voice aluminum coil consists of 1.5” while the 20oz magnet is utilizing a vented pole and bumper plate to improve the overall services.

Besides, the surroundings of these speakers are made of rubber and this implies that these speakers will get the chance of withstanding tear and wear even while playing high-quality music. Commonly, the steel frame is well stamped and they have 8 inches which help these speakers in fitting perfectly in the 7.125-hole size.

Besides, their mounting depth entails 3.5” and they are engineered and designed in the USA and thus you have an assurance they are made with a lot of caution. Lastly, they are highly multipurpose and are thus used as home audio best amplifier for klipsch speakers, fixed installation speakers, pro karaoke speakers, and others.


  • Simple overall installation.
  • Well engineered 3.5” mounting depth.
  • Well stamped steel frame.
  • Rubber overall surroundings.
  • 1.5″ aluminum voice coils.
Pros Cons
  • Well-engineered and designed
  • Durable
  • High-quality item
  • Easy to install
  • Expensive

7. Midrange PRO-GM8B DS18 Premium Quality Audio Speakers

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First, this midrange is unique as it has the capacity of handling a lot of audio speakers with ease. Besides, their sound is great and it is utilizing vocals and instrumentals perfectly. Also, you will count on their power because the PRO-GM8B which the capacity of delivering a maximum power of 580W.

Additionally, they are thus highly impressive for all time use. Mostly, their voice coil is made of high-quality materials with a high 1.5” temperature to help it in handling all forms of heat. Again, they maintain structural integrity and this implies these speakers will bring long life to the speakers.

Also, this speaker has a loudspeaker with 8 inches and a bullet which is designed to protect the voice call while at the same providing the best sound at all times. Again, they are highly durable and this implies you will get high-quality services at all times.


  • High-quality and durable services.
  • 8 inches loud speaker.
  • Great overall structural integrity.
  •  PRO-GM8B delivers 580W maximum power.
  • Great sound with unique vocals.
Pros Cons
  • High-quality voice call
  • Highly powerful;
  • Innovative
  • Delivers impressive power
  • Average quality sound

8. Rockville CEA W8K5S4 800w Audio Woofer

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These woofers are well reinforced using black and ultra-stiff paper cone which is non-pressed. Also, they are made of cast iron and a high-quality magnet that utilizes the sanded black finish. Besides, their cone is highly efficient and they are making sure these 8 full range speaker are highly reliable.

Equally important, there is a thick foam that is surrounding with incredible sound quality and their general distortion is minimal. Also, the switching cone is blue and operates at a minimal reinforcement which ensures you have a long life.

Besides, their paper dust operates a low light and they are highly efficient and thus allows the sub to end up playing loudly even in the cases where they are powerful. Also, this best full range speaker is enhancing the greatest heat dissipation with a rubber boot which is protecting the magnet to acquire high-quality services.

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  • Enhances overall heat dissipation.
  • Low light paper dust.
  • Blue reinforcement switch cone.
  • Great sound and incredible thick foam.
  • High quality magnet and cast iron.
Pros Cons
  • High-quality magnet
  • Great sound quality
  • Great heat dissipation
  • Highly efficient
  • Quite pricey

9. Skar NPX8-8 Audio MID-Range Neodymium 8 Inch Full Range Speaker

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Ordinarily, these Skar Audio are well designed with the help of NPX8-8 mid-range which is combining incredible reliability, loudness, and sound. Besides, the mid-range of the npx series is utilizing high performance and a great neodymium motor with a powerful and lightweight magnet.

Besides, these 8 inch full range speaker are installed easily with the help of neodymium high-performance. Also, these speakers will help you greatly because they are durable and this implies you are assured of acquiring reliable and quality services at all times.

Another thing, these 8 inch hertz full range speakers have a high-quality sound which ensures your friends will acquire high-quality entertainment while listening to the speakers. Again, they come with a small weight and thus you will get the chance of carrying these speakers easily and perfectly to all your desired places.


  • Consist of small weight.
  • Produces high quality sound.
  • Gives assurance of quality and reliable services.
  • Simple installation process.
  • Npx series and mid-range gives high performance.
Pros Cons
  • Durable
  • High-quality item
  • Reliable
  • Great sound stage
  • Pricey

10. Audio Midrange FSX8-4 Skar Audio 350 Watt Loudspeaker

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Have a look at this quality FSX8-8 and 8 inches’ speakers which are featuring a ferrite magnet made of high-quality materials. Also, they have been designed in a manner that they are powerful and loud with the help of mid-range 8 inch hertz full range speakers.

Ordinarily, its pro audio high power is ensuring the customers come with large quantities for reliable service. Again, they are practical because they have a great solution and they are highly affordable and have durable services.

Equally important, these full range 8 inch speaker contain 175 watts and they are going to offer you high-quality power at low power. Besides, their steel is pressed and thus you have an assurance of high-quality services in the course of using it.


  • Highly pressed steel.
  • 175 watts gives high quality power.
  • Great solution as they are practical.
  • High power pro audio.
  • Loud and powerful product.
Pros Cons
  • High-quality item
  • Durable
  • Affordable cost
  • Practical
  • None

Guide on Purchase of Speakers

The procedure of buying speakers needs a person to keep many factors in mind. When you buy a speaker with the factor listed in this review, you are assured of quality services.


The space you have left in your house will determine the size of speaker you can buy. There are speakers which require space in performing and producing high-quality sounds. Besides measuring the speaker’s size, check on the space surrounding as it will determine if you will acquire quality sound or not.

Speakers Use

The major key to check while determining the best speakers is determining the listening habits. You require one pair of the speaker to help you watch movies and listen to music with ease. While aiming at boosting the overall sound of music and TV, it is best to pick the wireless subwoofer or soundbar.

Budget of 8 Inch Full Range Speaker

Figuring the budget, you wish to spend will help you determine the speakers to purchase. Always keep in mind the amount of money you are willing to spend. When you know the amount of money you are willing to spend to get high-quality music, you will make a selection with ease.


The procedure involved in the placement of speakers and best power bank chargers will guide you in picking the best speakers. It is best to ensure your 8 inch hertz full range speakers have some space left on the sides for at least three of four feet so that they may end up performing effectively.


While buying 8 inch full range speaker, there are a variety of factors that you need to keep into consideration. Always check on the available space, budget, and listening habits at all times. Ensure to take time in checking on the factors so that you may get ready for the different speakers the market is offering.

The best recommended full range speaker in the market is BOSS CXX8 Maximum Power Audio Systems Subwoofer. They are highly corrosion resistant with a great mechanical property to allow for electrical conductivity and high thermal services.